Silver Year 16


–World’s Finest Comics #276
Dr. Double X, who has been moved from Happydale Sanitarium to Arkham Asylum, causes a mass breakout at his new home, but thankfully Superman is on-hand to retain order. Almost everyone goes back into their cells, but Dr. Double X escapes, soon finding himself/themselves face-to-face with Batman, getting the better of him. (As referenced in World’s Finest Comics #277 Part 1, Batman learns that Squirrel Randolph escaped in the Arkham prison break.) The next morning, Batman and Superman chat about Dr. Double X in the Batcave. In a rematch, Dr. Double X defeats Batman and captures him. Strapping him to a device that links his body to Double X, Dr. X sends his doppelgänger into combat. Superman destroys Dr. X, seemingly killing Batman in the process. Superman angrily takes down Dr. X, after which, Batman emerges from the shadows, having just barely escaped a nasty death.

–REFERENCE: In The Brave and The Bold #185. Eccentric millionaire Hamilton Mellor III contributes several large donations to the Wayne Foundation in exchange for a promised Batman appearance at his upcoming birthday party, to be held at his lavish castle on the Hudson.

–REFERENCE: In The Brave and The Bold #185 and World’s Finest Comics #278. Batman adds a mini electric jigsaw and carbon dioxide capsules to his utility belt.

–Superman #367
Superman goes in disguise as a reptilian alien “Vlatuu” to infiltrate the Superman Revenge Squad in deep space. He leaves Metropolis in the care of Supergirl and tasks Batman and Hal Jordan with impersonating Clark Kent while he is gone. Disguised as Clark, Batman delivers the evening news on live TV alongside Lana Lang, just barely fooling her, Jimmy Olsen, and Josh Coyle. Hal Jordan picks up the slack at Clark’s apartment, fooling an unsuspecting Lois Lane. Meanwhile, at the other end of the universe, Nryana indoctrinates “Vlaatu” into the Revenge Squad, watching as he passes a final training mission of besting a replicant Superman android. Unfortunately for Superman, a Revenger spy has learned the truth and reported back to the Revenge Squad’s Prime Council of leadership—Dramx-One, Fwom, Nakox, Jumrox, and Klakok. Torn, the Prime Council argues over whether or not their spy’s intel is true. Could Vlaatu really be the Man of Steel? With his mission accomplished and most of his foes fooled, Superman returns to Earth.

–DC Comics Presents #41
While on routine patrol, Batman suffers a bad injury to his chest, which takes him out of action. After being patched up by Dr. Douglas Dundee, Bruce is told by the doc that he’ll need two weeks of bedrest. Alfred and Robin do their best to keep a spunky Bruce in bed, even keeping from him the fact that Joker and Prankster have both escaped from their respective prisons. Clark, Lois Lane, and Perry White travel to Los Angeles for a journalist convention. In LA, Clark and Perry swing by the estate sale of recently deceased comedian Jerry Travis, which gets robbed by Joker and Prankster. The villains kidnap Perry and take off in the Joker-copter. Superman chases after them, passing a Hollywood producer on a phone call with Harlan Ellison! Prankster betrays Joker, tossing him into Superman’s arms. The Man of Steel then enters into an unlikely team-up with Joker! On Hollywood Boulevard, Superman and Joker fight Prankster, during which Joker injects Prankster with deadly Joker Venom before fleeing the scene. Superman cures Prankster in the Fortress of Solitude and then returns to LA to save Perry and bust Joker. The next day, Bruce watches TV news and learns about all the action he’s missed. Note that there’s absolutely no way that Bruce heeds Dr. Dundees advice for any longer. We can assume he hops right back into action following this item.

–Justice League of America #200
When Martian Manhunter smashes into the JL Satellite, takes down Firestorm, and steals an Appellaxian meteor, half the JLA assembles, realizing that the original members of the team have all been psychically-compelled to retrieve the Appellaxian meteors. (The original JLA members were imbued with a post-hypnotic suggestion by the Appellaxians after defeating them all those years ago. This hypnosis has now kicked-in.) Aquaman obtains a meteor by taking out Red Tornado, who is rescued by Phantom Stranger and delivered into the care of Firestorm and Snapper Carr. Wonder Woman defeats Zatanna and her own mother to get one of the meteors. Similarly, Hal Jordan bests the Atom and Flash bests Elongated Man. Batman creates a device that can track his meteor, which is located in North Carolina. There, Batman defeats Green Arrow and Black Canary, tricking them with a pre-planned Bat-dummy to get away with the meteor. Superman and a bunch of re-activated Superman Robots defeat Hawkman, allowing the Man of Steel to get the final meteor. Hawkman is saved by Adam Strange and Alanna Strange. Gathered at the old Secret Sanctuary in Happy Harbor, the original JLAers combine their meteors. From within each meteor, microscopic remains of each Appellaxian invader reform. The Appellaxians are reborn anew! Technically, they are “seed clones” with the consciousnesses of the originals, but who’s nitpicking? The Appellaxians easily defeat the original JLAers before heading out into the world. Soon, the entire JLA assembles. Splitting into three units, the JLA defeats the Appellaxians, destroying them by sending their remains into the Sun. Afterward, Green Arrow rejoins the JLA!

–The Brave and The Bold #185-187
Batman and Green Arrow bust Luis Quintero and his henchmen. Afterward, Batman, who has to make a last second visit with Governor Corley, asks Green Arrow to fill in for him at Hamilton Mellor’s birthday party. There, Penguin (along with his roboticist henchman Hugo) emerges, taking Green Arrow hostage. Penguin and Hugo reveal that they have hypnotized Mellor and plan to replace him with an android replicant. Green Arrow is able to activate his JL signal alert, which summons Batman back to the castle. Batman fights through a robot dragon, a lance-wielding Hugo on horseback, a trained falcon, and an android Robin. Meanwhile, Green Arrow mops up Penguin. Afterward, Batman invites Green Arrow on a patrol the next day to take down a specific (but unrevealed) super-villain. We can presume that this unspecified mission occurs.

Batman teams with Hawkman to question fence Pinky Maxwell about an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus that has been lifted from a museum. Maxwell points them in the direction of crooked art dealer Royce Atherton. Carter Hall meets with Atherton, confirming his crookedness. However, the sarcophagus is still MIA. Later, Hawkman and Batman fight The Fadeaway Man (Anton Lamont) to a stalemate. Later still, Bruce uses the classic “skin mask, wig, and tuxedo over his Bat-costume get-up” to disguise himself as Carter Hall. He visits Atherton’s underworld art auction, which is run by the Fadeaway Man and is also attended by Penguin and Gotham’s top mobsters Frank Skelly and Nino Martel (both of whom Batman knows from his crime files). Once the sarcophagus (a fake) is on display, Batman sheds his disguise and starts kicking ass. The Fadeaway Man retreats to the Gotham Museum of Art, but Batman and Hawkman bust him there, turning him over to Commissioner Gordon.

The Metal Men come to Gotham in search of Tin, who has gone missing. Batman tries but fails to save Iron from a Floating Fury, and the Metal Men save Batman in turn. Tin is found, but is badly damaged and dies. Soon, Lead mysteriously dies and is found with the phrase “This is for Nameless” etched into his back. Oddly, none of the other Metal Men can recall who Nameless is, as if their memories have been wiped. After reviewing evidence in the Batcave, Batman responds to an alert that the remaining Metal Men have been attacked by the Gas Gang (Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Choloform, Helium, and Oxygen), who claim responsibility for “avenging” Nameless and proceed to kill Platinum! Batman is too late to save her. Batman brings the deceased Metal Woman back to Dr. Will Magnus, who proceeds to resurrect all the Metal Men. As Magnus completes his task, Batman realizes that he (Magnus) is responsible for wiping his team’s memories of Nameless, which he has been doing for years (every time he rebuilds the team). Batman prevents Magnus from doing so this time, and just as the Metal Men come back to life, Platinum Man and some Missile Men attack the lab. When Platinum Man accuses Magnus of being responsible for Nameless’ death, Magnus admits culpability. Batman flees from Platinum Man and the Missile Men and heads to the location of their volcanic lair to find BOLTS standing guard. After besting BOLTS, Batman discovers Nameless alive and well! He returns to Magnus’ lab with Nameless, much to the joy of everyone there. Magnus had mistakenly come to believe he killed Nameless and tried to cover it up with mind-wipes, which had triggered Platinum Man’s rage (and re-activation of all the old Metal Men foes). With things settled, Tin proposes to Nameless and a robo-wedding ceremony is held! Just after the second “I do” is uttered, a rogue Missile Man strikes. Nameless sacrifices her life to save everyone, taking the full brunt of a blast and getting vaporized into nothingness when the Missile Man blows his top. Bummer.

–REFERENCE: In The Brave and The Bold #188. Batman reads about the exploits of the vigilante known as The Thorn (Rose Forrest). The Thorn is Rose’s schizophrenic alter ego of whom she has no knowledge. 

–The Brave and The Bold #188-189 (“A GRAVE AS WIDE AS THE WORLD”)
Mid February. Bruce agrees to go on a picnic with some of the orphans at the Gotham City Settlement House, but when he arrives they tell him to piss off. Bruce leaves and returns as Batman, who is much more warmly received. Batman and the kids pile into the Batmobile and head out to Loon Lake, a destination that Bruce loved so dearly as a child. But, upon arrival, they find the lake polluted and full of trash. The idyllic and serene 1950s woodsy tableau has been replaced with the proto-Anthropocene nightmare of the 1980s. Batman and the kids go full eco-warrior and clean up the place! En route back to the city, the radio tells of the murder of elderly ex-Nazi spy Ernst Kuller, final holder of the secret hidden location of a canister of the deadly nerve agent Inferno A. Batman visits the warden of Gotham Federal Prison and is granted access to examine Kuller’s corpse. In one of the more ridiculous moments in Bat-history (and that’s saying a lot!), Batman says “a dead man’s eyes are supposed to reveal the last thing he saw,” peeling back Kuller’s eyelids to reveal the visage of Hitler! (Kuller was killed by prison orderly David Phillips, a Neo-Nazi wearing a Hitler mask.) Soon after, Batman chases after Phillips, but his trip is cut short when he has to stop to save Rose Forrest from a Hitchcockian bird attack at Loon Lake. After returning Rose home, Batman returns to Loon Lake to find an army quarantine and news that some Inferno A has been released. Later, Batman sees a TV news report about grave robbers taking Rose’s father’s corpse from a cemetery. (The Inferno A canister was hidden in this grave.) Batman visits the open grave only to be attacked by some goose-stepping Neo-Nazi thugs. The Thorn (Rose’s schizophrenic alter ego of whom she has no knowledge) shows up and kills all the Nazis. Batman ditches her and visits the scene of an automobile accident, finding Phillips and his girl dead. Batman is once again attacked by Neo-Nazis, and once again the Thorn saves his life. Batman then attends a lecture by famed Nazi hunter Leon Weiner (an analogue for Simon Wiesenthal). Bruce meets with Weiner privately at a diner, learning from him that Phillips was the son of Nazi Deputy Führer Martin Bormann, who is currently alive and well, hiding in the jungles of Brazil! (In real life, Bormann was killed in Berlin at the end of WWII, but this wasn’t made a conclusive fact until DNA testing was conducted on his remains in 1998. At this point on our timeline, many people, including writer Robert Kanigher bought into a conspiracy theory that Bormann was hiding in South America, hence our narrative here!) Bruce travels to Rio de Janeiro, arriving on February 19, the first night of Carnival. Batman saves President João Figueiredo and a US Ambassador from assassins during the parade. The next day, Batman flies a plane deep into the Motto Grosso jungle, getting shot down by Bormann’s men. There, Phillips, having faked his death in the car accident back in the States, emerges to reunite with his father. Rose is also present, desperately hoping to get her father’s corpse back. Out of view, Rose goes into Thorn mode and rescues Batman for a third time. The Thorn and Batman kick ass once again, and the Thorn kills all the Nazis. Batman then attempts to hypnotize the Thorn into revealing her secret ID to him, but it doesn’t work.

–World’s Finest Comics #277 Part 1
Batman busts Squirrel Randolph, who is curiously attempting to smuggle a truck full of stray cats and dogs into Gotham. The next day, in a Metropolis alley, Clark finds a co-worker sick with a mysterious virus, who dies in his arms. Superman bathes in the heart of the Sun to make sure he’s killed off any viral bacteria. He then recruits Batman to help him discover the source of the bacteria. However, Lois has already found the source, having been captured by a mad scientist that plans on spreading the virus via infected cats and dogs—the very animals that Randolph had been smuggling. After interrogating Randolph in prison, the World’s Finest rescue Lois, cage the remaining infected animals, and fight the scientist and his henchmen. The scientist falls into a vat containing the virus, which proves fatal. Superman inhales the deadly bacteria vapor and spits it out into the Sun to destroy it.

–World’s Finest Comics #277 Part 4
Shiera Hall (former Hawkgirl, now going by the much more appropriate Hawkwoman) has been falsely implicated in a scheme to rob museums all over the country, which has forced her to leave town and go on the run. With Shayera gone, Carter Hall’s friend from work, Mavis Trent, tries to put the moves on him, but he angrily sends her away. Shortly thereafter, Hawkman receives a message from Thanagar that says tyrant queen Hyathis (aka Hyanthis) has laid siege to the planet. Hawkman immediately turns to Batman and Superman for help.

–World’s Finest Comics #278
Picking up where WFC #277 Part 4 left off, Hawkman, Superman, and Batman travel to Thanagar to do battle with Hyathis (aka Hyanthis) and her army. While Superman combats dozens of soldiers head-on, Batman hikes to the north to secretly infiltrate an enemy compound. Hawkman, meanwhile, confronts Hyathis herself, wielding the Gamma Gong! When Hawkgirl shows up looking to help, she actually threatens to ruin Hawkman’s carefully set up plans. Thus, he is forced to fight his own wife! After cluing Hawkgirl into the plan, they team-up and turn their attention toward Hyathis. Hawkman sounds a fake (non-weaponized) gong peal, which signals Batman to cut all power on Thanagar. This allows the heroes to get the jump on the baddies, defeating them all. Hawkgirl immediately leaves, still concerned about proving her innocence in the museum robbery scam (from the previous issue). (This adventure versus Hyathis is also shown via flashback from The Shadow War of Hawkman #1.)

–REFERENCE: In World’s Finest Comics #251. Mid March. Batman, as he now does every year, sends a birthday card to Bob Haney at the DC Offices on Earth-Prime.

———————––Batman #346
———————––Detective Comics #513

Two-Face escapes from Arkham Asylum, prompting Batman to meet with Warden Clark and Commissioner Gordon. Later, in his penthouse, Bruce gives Lucius Fox the brush-off, part of an effort to really keep out of all Wayne Foundation affairs entirely now that he has resigned. Meanwhile, at Gotham University, Dala Vadim unexpectedly and without reason dumps Dick, who decides something must be terribly wrong (but not with him, of course). Bruce does some digging into Two-Face’s stay at Arkham, learning that he had applied for an early parole program but had been rejected. Bruce breaks-off a steamy hot date with Vicki Vale in order to continue his Two-Face investigation at a local halfway house. Inside, Batman finds a literal “half-way house” where one side is ruined and the other is pristine. The Dark Knight is mobbed by henchmen and runs through  several death traps before getting nabbed by Two-Face and his new girlfriend Margo, Arkham Asylum’s librarian. Across town, an exhausted Jim Gordon has a heart-to-heart with Babs before attending a meeting with Mayor Hamilton Hill. Under orders from Rupert Thorne, Mayor Hill fires Gordon and replaces him with new Commissioner Peter Pauling! After Two-Face keeps Batman captive for five straight days, Robin and Alfred go into a panic. Thorne meets with Mayor Hill again, after which he sees the “ghost” of Hugo Strange and freaks out. When Two-Face and his goons try to rob Duo Records, Robin is on the case. Robin kicks ass, but Two-Face slips away back to the halfway house. There, Two-Face tries to kill Batman, but the latter escapes and busts him. At the penthouse, Bruce tells Alfred and Dick they’ll be officially moving back to Wayne Manor!

–Detective Comics #514
As a very late snowstorm blankets Gotham in white, Batman chases an escaped Maxie Zeus into the frosty mountains north of the city. (Batman benches Robin on this one, much to the chagrin of the latter.) When Batman crashes the Batmobile and falls unconscious, a pacifist mountaineer named Haven collects and nurses him back to health. Batman immediately leaves only to get into a brawl with what appears to be a grizzly bear. (Last time I checked, grizzlies weren’t on the East Coast, but oh well.) Batman fights of the bear, and Haven saves him once more. By the time they return to Haven’s cabin, Maxie Zeus and his henchmen have settled in comfortably. The baddies try to goad the pacifist Haven into a fight, and he initially refuses until they kill his pet bird. Haven strikes Maxie Zeus, which gets him shot. Batman winds up saving Maxie Zeus from the bear before busting him and his men. Haven dies and Batman buries him on the mountain.

–REFERENCE: In The Untold Legend of the Batman #3. We can presume that Batman orders a replacement Batmobile from his man Jack Edison. As he always does, the ace mechanic likely immediately delivers an immediate back-up or will in the very near future.

–The Phantom Zone #2-4
General Zod, Faora Hu-Ul, Va-Kox, Jax-Ur, and  Kru-El, Jer-Em, Az-Rel, Nadira, and Nam-Ek all escape the Phantom Zone, swapping places with Superman. Trapped in the Twilight Dimension with Mon-El and Charlie Kweskill (Quex-Ul), Superman can do nothing but watch as the Kryptonian villains run amok on Earth. Zod’s crew (himself, Faora, Va-Kox, Jax-Ur, and Kru-El) penetrate the Fortress of Solitude, wrecking it up. They then attack the JL Satellite, tossing it (along with most of the JLA) into deep space, before causing the Soviets to launch a bunch of nukes toward the US. With Gotham going into nuclear panic mode with full scale rioting as a result, Batman has his hands full. Wonder Woman and Supergirl destroy the nukes in mid flight. While Hal Jordan fights Va-Kox, Jax-Ur, and Kru-El, Wonder Woman takes on Nam-Ek. After meeting with Batman, Supergirl gets bested by Zod and his cronies at the Fortress of Solitude. Batman then goes to Metropolis to fight Jer-Em. Meanwhile, Superman and Kweskill travel deeper into the Phantom Zone, reaching the Anachronid planet that resides in the pocket dimension within the Phantom Zone (last seen in WFC #198). There, they find themselves in the surreal Temple of the Crimson Sun, before venturing further to meet the wizard Thul-Kar. After yet another psychedelic encounter, Superman and Kweskill challenge the cosmic beast known as Aethyr the Oversoul, who kills Kweskill. Superman bests the Aethyr and escapes the Phantom Zone, soon joining the other heroes to stop Zod’s crew from wielding a giant-sized Phantom Zone Projector to send the entire Earth to the Twilight Dimension. Enraged, Zod and Faora begins toppling skyscrapers in Metropolis. Az-Rel and Nadira, who hold grudges against Zod and Faora, attack them, which allows Hal Jordan to capture them (along with Zod’s other cronies). The crazed Jer-Em then kills both himself and Nadira with Kryptonite. As Nadira dies, she betrays and kills Az-Rel as well. Hal Jordan then sends the remaining captured villains back to the Phantom Zone.

–REFERENCE: In Batman #347 Part 1. Batman goes on an unspecified mission with the Justice League of America.

–Batman #347 Part 2
Batman quickly solves a murder mystery, seeing right through the killer’s bogus alibi.

–Justice League of America #202
Batman does a space walk outside the JL Satellite in order to do some minor repairs. An explosion knocks-out Batman, sending him floating unconsciously into the void. Hawkman sends out an alert, calling Wonder Woman, Zatanna, and Red Tornado to the satellite to help deal with the fallout of the explosion. When Batman disappears without a trace, the heroes follow his trajectory in a JL ship, going through a wormhole where they get attacked by a massive alien spacecraft. Inside the craft, a robot addresses the heroes, explaining that the craft is a hospital ship searching for a long lost alien doctor named Ursak, who was lost in space and went into emergency suspended animation over 200,000 years ago. A monster version of Batman then enters the room—the result of the robot having mistaken the Dark Knight for Ursak and “healed” him in an alien med-chamber. The crazed monster Batman attacks his friends, but Hawkman is able to knock him out. Safely back inside the JL Satellite, the robo-doctor helps the JLA properly heal Batman, restoring him to normal.

–Batman #348
It’s moving day! Bruce, Dick, and Alfred move out of the downtown penthouse and back into Wayne Manor. They also move a bunch of their gear and the original trophies back into the Batcave. Don’t ask what they do with all the fake duplicate trophies they made. As night falls, Francine Langstrom and young Rebecca Langstrom visit Wayne Manor, demanding that Bruce find Kirk Langstrom, who has been hiding in the rock maze beneath the Batcave for the past six months. After Francine passes out due to exhaustion, Batman tells the tale of Kirk Langstrom, incorrectly mentioning that the events of The Brave and The Bold #165 took place “months ago” when they actually took place two years ago. Batman then takes little Rebecca atop his shoulders and walks with her into the bowels of the Batcave in search of her dad. After they descend, Man-Bat Kirk Langstrom strikes at Alfred and Dick and follows them down into the depths. In the deepest part of the cavern, Batman fights Man-Bat, administering Anti-Man-Bat Serum. Kirk is restored and reunites with his family. Meanwhile, across town, Babs tries to console her father, who is despondent about having been ousted as Commissioner. In the office of photojournalism editor Morton Monroe, Vicki Vale chats with her boss Monroe, telling him that she’s certain Bruce is Batman. After she leaves, Monroe phones his boss, Rupert Thorne, and tells him the news.

–REFERENCE: In Justice League of America Annual #1. Batman chats with Jim Gordon, telling him about the hidden JLA teleporter atop a Gotham skyscraper roof.

–Wonder Woman #291
Diana has earned her stripes as a captain in the US Army, working alongside General Phillip Darnell and Colonel Steve Trevor. Steve Trevor is back, you say?! But how? How indeed! Aphrodite herself has placed the spirit of the deceased Trevor into the body of Earth-270 Steve Trevor, tossing him onto Earth-1 with a magically-fabricated history. And, of course, Diana and Steve are once again a hot item. Comics, everyone! At the Pentagon, Diana and her co-worker/roommate Etta Candy discuss the recent departure of their other roommate Helen Alexandros aka the super-villain Silver Swan. When a giant cosmic god known as The Adjudicator appears in Washington DC, Wonder Woman is on the case. During a telepathic connection with the alien being, Wonder Woman learns that he is here to judge four Earths, determining whether or not they deserve to exist or be destroyed by his hand. Wonder Woman calls an emergency meeting aboard the JL Satellite with the entire JLA and Supergirl. After a debriefing, the heroes scatter to prep for battle. Black Canary visits Earth-2 to warn the JSA. Meanwhile, the Adjudicator unleashes his generals of destruction, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Death, Famine, Plague, and War). In Calcutta, Wonder Woman and Zatanna defeat Famine, saving Earth-1. Our issue ends here, but Wonder Woman, Zatanna, and some other female heroes will save Earth 2, Earth-X, and Earth-I in the Batman-less pages of Wonder Woman #292-293.

–World’s Finest Comics #279-281
When several wealthy Gothamites are kidnapped, Batman puts alarms in the homes of several other possible targets. Later, with Alfred watching, Batman and Superman spar in the Batcave. An alarm trips at multi-millionaire Henry Rupert’s mansion, prompting Batman and Superman to rush to the scene. At Rupert’s place, they combat new pirate-themed shuriken-wielding super-villain Captain Cutlass. His partner Major Disaster causes an earthquake, allowing them both to escape and rejoin their other partners, Colonel Sulphur and General Scarr. A clue leads Bruce and Clark to the Floating Fantasy Club. There, Cutlass and Sulphur kidnap Bruce! Another natural disaster courtesy of Major Disaster helps the baddies get away. At the villains’ secret lair, Scarr realizes they’ve nabbed Batman (believing that Bruce Wayne is merely a disguise). Batman escapes from his cell and eavesdrops, learning that the villains have acquired money via kidnapping ransoms to purchase Weapon-Master’s weapons at an underground auction in Metropolis. Bruce radios Superman, filling him in. Superman busts up the auction, taking out a bunch of crooks, including The Trickster. Sulphur uses a Duranian Time-Bomb to send Superman hurtling into a limbo-like dimension. Meanwhile, Batman defeats Cutlass and goes in disguise as him to penetrate deeper into the heart of Scarr’s army. Batman radios the US National Guard, telling them to prep a defense of Gotham. Batman, dressed as Cutlass, then leads Scarr’s henchmen into the waiting pointed guns of the National Guardsmen. Meanwhile, Major Disaster keeps the other JLA members busy dealing with various natural disasters, but he overextends his power, knocking himself out. Superman escapes his interdimensional prison just in time to help Batman take down Sulphur. Together, Batman and Superman bust Scarr, ending his plot to take over Gotham.

–REFERENCE: In World’s Finest Comics #282. Batman and Superman recover a bunch of the weapons sold at the recent underground auction.

–Justice League of America #105
Derek Reston, powerful CEO of MegaForm, gets remote mind-controlled by Hector Hammond (who is still in federal prison) and assembles the Royal Flush Gang with all new members—Ace of Spades, Jack of Spades, King of Spades, Queen of Spades, and Ten of Spades. The new Royal Flush Gang attacks, putting Firestorm, Aquaman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Arrow into comas. Ten infiltrates the JL Satellite, but gets busted by Elongated Man and Black Canary. Later, Batman, Flash, Elongated Man, and Black Canary enter the giant playing card-themed fortress of the Royal Flush Gang in the Mojave Desert. The Queen puts Elongated Man into a coma like the others, but the other heroes take her down. Batman unmasks her, revealing her secret ID as world famous Broadway actress Mona Taylor. After entering a giant maze, Batman and Flash are captured by the Royal Flush Gang and put into comas as well. However, Jack betrays his team and joins sides with Black Canary, helping her destroy Ace, who is an android. Black Canary and Jack take down the remaining Royal Flush Gang members. At a UCLA hospital, Black Canary and the doctors still don’t know that Hammond is keeping the heroes comatose. Thankfully, in the ectoplasmic spirit plane, the astral Professor Martin Stein is able to fight and best Hammond, causing all the comatose heroes to recover.

–World’s Finest Comics #282
Batman and Superman recover the Weapon-Master’s time-displacement ray from some crooks. Of the items from the recent underground auction, on the Zodiac Idol and the Matter Transporter remain unaccounted for. The last remaining crook turns the time-displacer on Batman, sending him back to Prehistoric times. There, Batman meets the Eldirans, advanced magick-using humanoids (possibly proto-humans or homo magi) that ride winged tigers and live in a mystical hidden city. The Eldirans cast a spell over Batman, causing him to feel totally at ease. Batman lives blissfully with the Eldirans for a full month (!) until a time-traveling Superman finally tracks him down. The Eldiran wizards task Superman with taming a nearby active volcano that threatens their city, so the Man of Steel enters the volcano to battle a giant fire-lizard. Batman discovers that Lord Rodcairn is behind the volcanic disturbance and fire-lizard. Batman busts Rodcairn, ending his evil machinations. Batman and Superman then return to present day only seconds after Batman had been blasted to the past, just in time to bust the 20th century bad guy. We can presume that Batman and Superman recover the remaining missing weapons as well.


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