Silver Year 16


–Superman #367
Superman goes in disguise as a reptilian alien “Vlatuu” to infiltrate the Superman Revenge Squad in deep space. He leaves Metropolis in the care of Supergirl and tasks Batman and Hal Jordan with impersonating Clark Kent while he is gone. Disguised as Clark, Batman delivers the evening news on live TV alongside Lana Lang, just barely fooling her, Jimmy Olsen, and Josh Coyle. Hal Jordan picks up the slack at Clark’s apartment, fooling an unsuspecting Lois Lane. Meanwhile, at the other end of the universe, Nryana indoctrinates “Vlaatu” into the Revenge Squad, watching as he passes a final training mission of besting a replicant Superman android. Unfortunately for Superman, a Revenger spy has learned the truth and reported back to the Revenge Squad’s Prime Council of leadership—Dramx-One, Fwom, Nakox, Jumrox, and Klakok. Torn, the Prime Council argues over whether or not their spy’s intel is true. Could Vlaatu really be the Man of Steel? With his mission accomplished and most of his foes fooled, Superman returns to Earth.

–DC Comics Presents #41
While on routine patrol, Batman suffers a bad injury to his chest, which takes him out of action. After being patched up by Dr. Douglas Dundee, Bruce is told by the doc that he’ll need two weeks of bedrest. Alfred and Robin do their best to keep a spunky Bruce in bed, even keeping from him the fact that Joker and Prankster have both escaped from their respective prisons. Clark, Lois Lane, and Perry White travel to Los Angeles for a journalist convention. In LA, Clark and Perry swing by the estate sale of recently deceased comedian Jerry Travis, which gets robbed by Joker and Prankster. The villains kidnap Perry and take off in the Joker-copter. Superman chases after them, passing a Hollywood producer on a phone call with Harlan Ellison! Prankster betrays Joker, tossing him into Superman’s arms. The Man of Steel then enters into an unlikely team-up with Joker! On Hollywood Boulevard, Superman and Joker fight Prankster, during which Joker injects Prankster with deadly Joker Venom before fleeing the scene. Superman cures Prankster in the Fortress of Solitude and then returns to LA to save Perry and bust Joker. The next day, Bruce watches TV news and learns about all the action he’s missed. Note that there’s absolutely no way that Bruce heeds Dr. Dundees advice for any longer. We can assume he hops right back into action following this item.

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