The New Age

In July 2016, DC published DC Universe: Rebirth #1, the start of their “Rebirth” initiative, a precursor to a reboot that would officially occur less than a year later. Let me repeat that with added emphasis: The New Age aka “Rebirth” aka Post-“Superman Reborn” reboot did not actually start with the publication of “Rebirth” branded stories in July 2016. Despite nine months’ worth of “Rebirth” branded titles, complete with line-wide blue curtain “Rebirth” trade dressing, the rebooted New Age didn’t technically begin until spring of 2017 with the multiverse-shattering conclusion to “Superman Reborn” (in Action Comics #976). This issue gave us the out-and-out full reboot that ended the New 52 timeline. Subsequent “Superman Reborn Aftermath” issues, “The Button” crossover, and Action Comics #978 all re-confirmed the details surrounding the reboot as well. Narratively, in “Superman Reborn,” the meddling of Mr. Mxyzptlk and the undefined seemingly-cosmic powers of Superboy cause the spirits of New 52 Superman and New 52 Lois Lane to merge with Modern Age Superman and Modern Age Lois Lane. A new merged timeline, which combines both Modern and New 52 histories of these characters, is created. With this unholy merger of radically different pairs of characters, not only is Superman reborn, but the entire DCU is as well. With that, the New 52 dies.

Welcome to the official NEW AGE TIMELINE (aka the “Rebirth Timeline” or “Post-Superman Reborn Timeline”). The New Age timeline is home to the Batman of NEW AGE EARTH-0 (aka the Batman of Rebirth Earth-0). This full New Age history comprises Batman and Batman-related DC publications ranging primarily from 2017 onward. Be aware that, in terms of nomenclature, the New Age, like the New 52 before it, is still a part of what is alternately known as the “New Golden Age, the “Second Golden Age,” or the “Prismatic Age.”


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