Infinite Frontier Year Twenty-One (Part 1)

(January to June 2022)


–Flashpoint Beyond #0-1
When something ominous occurs in connection with the Time Masters, Batman is able to do some research and then commune with Mime and Marionette, who assist him (in exchange for an unspecified deal) in breaking into Rip Hunter’s lab. Mime and Marionette are originally from the Watchmen Universe, but they have lived on Earth-0 since the end of Doomsday Clock. In Rip’s lab, Batman examines a chalkboard, which has various scribblings about current DC history on it. In a walk-in safe, Batman procures Janey Slater’s watch, a snow globe, a journal, and a sheet of paper that details the cosmic architectural hierarchy of the Divine Continuum. DC, get it?! The sheet also has a note that mentions the need to find Clark and Sally Dreiberg. Before departing, Batman congratulates Mime and Marionette on having had a baby, their second child Anita Maez (who recently turned two-years-old). Meanwhile, on the Flashpoint timeline, Flashpoint Batman (Thomas Wayne) finds himself resurrected. (He had been very recently killed by Darkseid in Justice League Incarnate #4.) Judge Harvey Dent threatens to charge Thomas for Batman-related crimes unless he tries to help Gilda Dent, who is unwell and locked up at Arkham Asylum. In the Batcave, Thomas finds that someone has scrawled the words “Everything Matters” onto a board. Seeking answers, Thomas travels to Central City to speak with Flashpoint Barry Allen, who is in the middle of working the case of the serial killer known as The Clockwork Killer. After confronting Barry, Thomas drugs him and straps him into a chair atop a tall building during a lightning storm with hopes of replicating Flash’s origin story. However, an Atlantean assassin messes with the experiment, which results in Barry’s death. Judge Dent is then mysteriously killed via car bomb on the street below, prompting Flashpoint Batman to rescue his son Dexter Dent. Afterward, Thomas chats with Commissioner Sofia Falcone Gigante and agrees to help take care of Dexter. A Reverse-Flash-esque figure glides by in the foreground. Back on Earth-0, Batman examines his Flashpoint dad’s letter along with the loot he pilfered from Rip’s lab. Bratty teen member of the Time Masters, Corky Baxter, shows up in the Batcave to harass Batman and scold him for his actions. Back on the Flashpoint timeline, Thomas puts Dexter under the care of his assistant Oswald Cobblepot, who teaches the boy how to shoot guns. Thomas suits up in his fighting togs and travels to England where he rescues a captured Wonder Woman en route toward confronting Aquaman. Aquaman tells Flashpoint-Batman that he had nothing to do with the assassin that ruined his Barry Allen experiment. Wonder Woman then kills Aquaman. Meanwhile, on Earth-0, Flash (Barry Allen) notifies Batman (Bruce) that Reverse-Flash (Eobard Thawne) is back and time is being disrupted. Flash also warns Batman to stop whatever he’s doing. At this juncture, Flash has already recently been exiled to Earth-Flash.1 by Pariah. As such, Flash’s appearance here is only happening due to the aforementioned time disruption or this isn’t really Flash. After the speedster departs, Corky continues his conversation with the Dark Knight.

–Batman Vol. 3 #118
Batman finally sees off Clownhunter and Ghost-Maker, who depart to begin the former’s training. Soon after, with “Fear State” firmly in Gotham’s rear view mirror, the city belatedly celebrates having survived yet another catastrophic event. As fireworks light up the night sky, Batman patrols, scaring some would-be crooks into turning themselves in. Oracle notifies Batman about a heist occurring at super-villain-themed costume party at the Billionaires Club. Batman takes down a bunch of crooks dressed up as his rivals (and likely the real Firefly) before an adoring crowd of cheering fans, who are also dressed up as his rivals. Afterward, Batman signs an autograph for a small girl dressed as Punchline. Oracle invites Batman to have coffee with her and Nightwing in Blüdhaven, telling him not to retreat into the darkness like he has before. (This scene is also verbatim referenced in Batman Vol. 3 #121.) Batman turns Babs down when he hears the news that Lex Luthor’s Batman Inc team has been arrested in Badhnisia for the supposed murder of a super-villain called Abyss. Batman tells Oracle that he’ll be “going dark for 48 hours.” (Of course, before he actually “goes dark,” he’ll deal with the short interlude that is Detective Comics #1046, which comes next and splits Batman Vol. 3 #118 in twain.)

–Detective Comics #1046
Picking up directly from the first part of Batman Vol. 3 #118, we are told that over a month has passed since Mayor Nakano approved the new Arkham Tower project. (It’s been closer to two months, but who’s counting?) From one of the Micro-Caves, Oracle sends word to the Bat-Family that there’s been a break-in and murder at a high-end condo. There, Batman and Batgirl (Stephanie) confront serial killer Ana Vulsion (whom Batman recognizes from his crime-files and who was first busted by Batwoman two years ago). While Batman busts Ana Vulsion again, Batwoman is briefed by Oracle in the Mirco-Cave. At a separate Micro-Cave, Batgirl (Stephanie) regroups with Huntress, who has had constant visions of crime victims ever since being infected by Hugh Vile’s parasite. At City Hall, Mayor Nakano (on Batman’s behest) meets with Dr. Chase Meridian, telling her that, while she is in charge of Arkham Tower, her staff is only working on a trial basis, after which time she will give the mayor (and Batman by proxy) a report card that will determine the future of the program. In a nearby park, Batwoman chats with Deb Donovan about the top docs working under Dr. Meridian—the press-friendly Dr. Tobias Wear and the mysterious Dr. Ocean. (Spoiler: Dr. Ocean is actually a disguised Psycho-Pirate, who has secretly partnered with Dr. Wear.) Across town, Stephanie urges Huntress to seek help for her parasitic visions, but Huntress shrugs off her condition. Meanwhile, Batman nostalgically dons his old raised yellow oval Batman Inc costume in preparation for his international trip to Badhnisia. (This signals a permanent move to the yellow oval costume for Batman.) Before departing, Batman meets with Dr. Meridian to tell her he is leaving for a bit, but that he is trusting her to be his eyes and ears at the new Arkham.

–REFERENCE: In Joker Vol. 2 #14. Jim Gordon’s long journey comes to a climax at the Sampson Family compound in Hooper County, Texas, where the Sampson Family holds a cannibalistic dinner party, complete with eight human corpses on the menu. Joker, Bane, and Vengeance also collide with the Sampsons, leading to twenty-three deaths within their family. Sawyer Sampson and Victoria Sampson are arrested. The event makes international headlines (which is how Batman learns about it), although Bane, Vengeance, and Joker avoid being publicly connected. Batman hears rumors that Jim might have killed Joker.

————————–Batman Vol. 3 #118
————————–Batman Vol. 3 #119-121

Picking up directly from Detective Comics #1046, the Batman Inc-costumed Dark Knight arrives in Badhnisia. (Note that while Batman originally said he would “go dark for 48 hours,” he will actually remain outside of Gotham for the next twenty-four days, meaning that, while it might not seem like it, this “Abyss” arc will span twenty-four days. Insert ellipses where applicable. Meanwhile, in Gotham City, the “Tower” arc will occur, as seen in the Batman-less Detective Comics #1047-1055.) After poking around in his civilian persona for a while, Batman examines the crime scene with a local cop named Detective Cayha. Pretending he is unaware, the Caped Crusader tells Cayha that he can’t figure out why the heroes would resort to lethal force. As Batman and Cayha ponder this question, they are approached by Lex Luthor, who reveals that he is the new financial backer of Batman Inc. Lex also controls the local police, who immediately chase Batman away with gunfire. Later, Bruce and Lex have dinner together to discuss matters at hand. Lex talks shit but tells Bruce they should work together, to which Bruce scoffs and leaves. At the local police station, Batman examines Abyss’ body to discover that it’s a planted cadaver. The real Abyss, alive and well, strikes at Batman, telling the Dark Knight that he “made” him. Abyss slices up Batman’s stomach with a scythe before blinding him. While Cayha tends to Batman at her apartment, Lex dons his own Batman Inc costume and fights Abyss at a nearby LexCorp skyscraper. Remotely-guided by Cayha, the blind Batman breaks into prison to free the jailed Batman Inc members. However, upon being freed, they attack Batman, claiming they are secretly working with Abyss against Lex. As he fights the Batman Inc team, Batman sees that they are holding back. He realizes they aren’t really working for either villain—they’ve been trying to play both sides against the other. As the “fight” spills onto the roof, Lex joins Batman’s side as a hounding Abyss arrives as well. Batman calls out the words, “Code: Club of Heroes,” which lets Batman Inc in on the fact that he’s wise to their game. Lex and Abyss are both upset to discover that neither of them actually control Batman Inc. Lex admits to having created several Abysses years ago in response to Bruce’s original Batman Inc venture, but then having lost control of the current Abyss soon afterward. Having regained his sight, Batman fights and chases away Abyss. Inspired by all that has occurred, Batman decides he will officially bring back Batman Inc in the near future. After debriefing Cayha and Batman Inc, the latter heroes tell Batman they’d actually been working the Abyss case for years in secret, even after the original Batman Inc collapsed. Finally opening up his radio channels for he first time in weeks, Batman immediately receives a message that the Arkham Tower program has fallen to pieces.

–Detective Comics #1056-1058 (“SHADOWS OF THE BAT: THE TOWER”)
Picking up directly from the conclusion of “The Abyss,” Batman heads back to Gotham from Badhnisia. In Gotham, the doctors have lost complete control of Arkham Tower. Dr. Tobias Wear’s revolutionary therapy method has actually been using Psycho-Pirate (aka “Dr. Ocean”) to mind-control all of the patients—but now Psycho-Pirate has lost control of them and Dr. Wear himself has been murdered by Siphon. While Psycho-Pirate hides in a closet with Koyuki Nakano, Scarecrow and the Party Crashers run amok, capturing Nightwing and Dr. Chase Meridian. They also kill Siphon. Meanwhile, Huntress takes down Mr. Freeze and Meager Man. Harley Quinn defeats some Party Crashers, rescues Dr. Meridian, and (guided by Oracle) shuts down building security, allowing Robin (Tim Drake) and Batgirl (Cassie Cain) to enter. Already inside and undercover, Stephanie Brown and Batwoman go into action as well. Scarecrow tosses an unconscious Nightwing out of a window, but Batman arrives just in time to save him. Concurrently, Ana Vulson confronts Psycho-Pirate and Koyuki. While Batman infiltrates Arkham Tower, Batwoman, Robin (Tim), and Stephanie fight Penguin’s henchmen, who have entered via the basement. Harley Quinn and Lady Clayface best Party Crashers in the pharmacy. Huntress rescues Koyuki from Ana Vulsion. Eventually, Batman, Robin (Tim), Batgirl (Cassie), and Batowman fight Scarecrow. Koyuki puts on Psycho-Pirate’s Medusa Mask and joins the fray. The villains are defeated and Arkham Tower is shut down, after which Batman and Batwoman tell Deb Donovan everything so she can write a tell-all. However, they leave out the fact that Psycho-Pirate was involved. Batman then sets up yet another new downtown Batcave, bigger than the other ones he’s created in the past year. Led by Oracle, Batman and the Batgirls then take down Penguin’s henchmen. The Bat-Family organizes a fake funeral for Tobias Wear in further effort to conceal Psycho-Pirate’s involvement in the Arkham Tower fiasco. At the funeral, Mayor Nakano tells Dr. Meridian that Arkham Tower will remain shuttered, but she will retain ownership of the building, to use the facility as she pleases. Batman, Huntress, and Harley Quinn then track down the maskless Psycho-Pirate, but instead of busting him, Batman simply talks to him, urging him to lead a different life. Psycho-Pirate walks away with a new lease on life. Meanwhile, Riddler (now sporting a very Green Arrow-esque goatee) sends out a pirate video podcast, asking, “When is a killer not a killer?”

–Batman Vol. 3 #121 Epilogue
With the Arkham Tower situation concluded, Batman phones both Babs (just to chat) and the Ghost-Maker (to check in on Clownhunter’s training). Meanwhile, in Badhnisia, Detective Cayha continues investigating LexCorp. In the rogue nation of Zandia, Deathstroke (now leader of the Secret Society, which he has re-branded as Deathstroke Inc) talks with Prometheus about targeting Batman.

–Joker Vol. 2 #14
Interpol’s Chief Detective Isabella Hallows interrogates Jim Gordon about the incident that occurred at the Sampson Family compound three-and-a-half weeks ago. Afterward, Jim finally returns to Gotham. Having met with Batman, Babs lets her dad know that the Dark Knight has heard all the rumors about him having supposedly murdered Joker. Soon after, Batman visits Jim and asks him point blank about Joker.

–Nightwing Vol. 4 #92
Bruce visits Blüdhaven to meet with Dick and Babs for the grand opening of a new park called Haven, which Dick has financed. They stroll, walking pups Haley and Ace together. Dick shows Bruce an Alfred Pennyworth commemorative statue that he has put in the center of Haven. Blockbuster, Commissioner MacLean, and Mayor Melinda Zucco show up to give Dick a hard time. Superman (Jon Kent), the guest of honor, appears as well. After nightfall, Blockbusters goon squad tries to wreck the park, but Nightwing stops them. Across town, Heartless meets with Blockbuster, seemingly forming an alliance.

–Detective Comics #1059
Riddler does another pirate video podcast, again asking “When is a killer not a killer?” (He’s streaming every morning now.) Along with all of Gotham, Batman listens with curiosity. The next day, Batman is on hand to safely detonate a bomb that was intended for Judge Caroline Donovan (Deb Donovan’s daughter), although Caroline suffers minor injuries and goes to the hospital. Note that Batman wears his black insignia costume, so this is either a continuity error or it tells us that he will randomly go back-and-forth between his yellow oval and black insignia duds, starting now. At the hospital, Bruce chats with Deb and meets Caroline for the first time. Bruce pretends to flirt with Caroline, and both agree to grab drinks together once she is out-and-about. Later, after Batman reviews security footage and conducts a cursory investigation, all signs point to social media influencer and philanthropist Sarah Pet as the would-be bomber. Batman busts Sarah, who freely admits to the crime but refuses to say why she did it or to name her accomplices. A day later, Batman investigates a grisly murder at the opera house as Riddler’s podcast gives out cryptic information seemingly related to the crime. As Batman is asking the GCPD for permission to interview jailed arsonist Martin Ashen (the last person Caroline sentenced before the attempt on her life), a gas bomb is set off by the murderer in the opera house. Batman chases the murderer into an alley only to watch him commit suicide. Later, as Riddler continues to podcast, Batman reviews the curious details of the recent cases, noting that all the criminals are first time offenders. Batman stalks outside of Caroline’s hospital room, overhearing her on an incriminating phone conversation with Dr. Chase Meridian.

————————–Shadow War: Alpha #1
————————–Batman Vol. 3 #122
————————–Deathstroke Inc #8

Suffering from Lazarus Pit-poisoning, Ra’s al Ghul has learned that he is dying. In Nepal, Ra’s al Ghul secretly watches Damian sparring with Talia. In Gotham, Batman tracks some parolees that have been kidnapped by Lock-Up. After getting some intel about the parolees from Oracle, Batman busts Lock-Up and makes the rescue. A breaking news report (by Cat Grant) tells the world that Ra’s al Ghul and Talia have turned themselves over to the DEO (specifically to the DEO’s current director Cameron Chase) and will stand trial for their many crimes. Brion Markov (aka Geo-Force) makes a public address regarding Markovia’s status as a nation now that Leviathan is no more and Talia is in custody. As Ra’s al Ghul prepares to make a public statement in front of the Markovian Embassy, Batman and Robin (Damian) tensely greet each other on a rooftop across the street. Meanwhile, the world nervously watches on TV. We are shown the Outsiders (Black Lightning, Signal, and Katana), Lex Luthor, Oracle, and the Totality (Vandal Savage, Mr. Terrific, and Hawkgirl) watching with keen interest. Ra’s al Ghul tells the world that he’s seen the light and no longer believes in eco-fascism. Now believing that humanity is worth saving alongside the planet, Ra’s al Ghul wants to share the power of the Lazarus Pits in order to help everyone. But before he can go into more detail, a fake Deathstroke puts a bullet in his brain. The fake Deathstroke also shoots Talia in the shoulder and then rolls a grenade toward Ra’s al Ghul’s downed body. Robin attempts to prevent the grenade from detonating, but Batman pulls him away, seeing that it would have killed the boy. The grenade explodes, incinerating Ra’s al Ghul’s corpse. In tears, Robin angrily yells at his dad. Batman hugs Robin and asks him to come home, but Robin pushes him away. As usual, Batman puts his foot in his mouth, referencing Alfred’s death in a way that causes Robin to flip out even more. Robin departs, telling his dad that he will bring Deathtroke to justice “dead or alive.” In Nepal, Talia’s aides prepare to place her into a Lazarus Pit, but Talia stops them, asking for regular medical care instead. Talia assembles The Demon’s Shadow, the most elite group of killers within the League of Assassins, tasking them with taking out Deathstroke. The Demon’s Shadow comprises of the Seven Men of Death (Hook, Maduvu, Shellcase, Whip, Detonator, Razorburn, and the unnamed shuriken-wielding assassin), Demon’s Fist (Mara al Ghul, Blank, Nightstorm, Plague, and Stone), Merlyn, Lady Viper, Raptor, Mad Dog Rex, December Graystone, Onyx Adams, Dragonfly, Rictus, White Willow, and Angel Breaker. At the Secret Society/Deathstroke Inc HQ in Zandia, Deathstroke tells Respawn, Deadline, and Prometheus that someone has set him up. Angel Breaker, flanked by ninjas and supported by Detonator, immediately attacks Deathstroke Inc, forcing Deathstroke and Respawn into hiding. Deadline is killed. In Gotham, Batman and Director Chase review holographic crime scene video of Ra’s al Ghul’s assassination. Chase shows Batman that “Deathstroke” got to the location of the murder via a freshly dug underground tunnel. Elsewhere, Damian joins up with Ravager to go after Deathstroke. Across the globe, the Demon’s Shadow (assisted by Slipknot) wages war against Deathstroke Inc—specifically against Prometheus, Shrapnel, Phobia, Count Vertigo, The Body Doubles (Bonnie Hoffman and Carmen Leno), Tattooed Man (Abel Tarrant), and Raptor. Interestingly, Onyx is drawn as the face-painted DC Animated Movie Universe version of herself, which means that she must sometimes alter her look for battle. Meanwhile, Deathstroke and Respawn go to the former’s San Francisco hideout. In Nepal, Batman confronts Talia. Their tense conversation ends with a kiss (!), but they are soon interrupted by Angel Breaker delivering a captured Raptor. The captive mentions Robin’s involvement in the recent Tournament of Death, about which Batman is very surprised to hear. Rather than stand idly by to watch Raptor get tortured or killed, Batman frees him and then departs as well. In San Francisco, Robin and Ravager break into  Deathstroke’s hideout.

SHADOW WAR Continued…
————————–Robin Vol. 3 #13
————————–Batman Vol. 3 #123

Picking up directly from Deathstroke Inc #8, Robin (Damian) and Ravager fight Deathstroke and Respawn. Eventually, Respawn unmasks, revealing his secret ID to Robin. Despite the revelation that they share DNA, Respawn and Robin continue fighting until Batman arrives. The Dark Knight is shocked to learn that Respawn is a genetic mix of Talia and Deathstroke. After Deathstroke convinces the heroes that he is innocent of Ra’s al Ghul’s murder, he gets a holographic video call from Dr. Moon, who is being held captive by Angel Breaker and Merlyn. Angel Breaker and Merlyn demand that Deathstroke turn himself over to Talia or else Dr. Moon will die. Deathstroke refuses to budge, leading to Dr. Moon’s swift execution. Deathstroke, Respawn, and Ravager then flee, leaving Batman and Robin behind. The Caped Crusader begs his son to team-up with him like old times. Robin agrees, provided that he can fly the Batplane. Meanwhile, Batman reactivates Batman Inc with a lineup featuring the Ghost-Maker, Clownhunter, Jiro Osamu, Wingman (Willis Todd), Dark Ranger, the Hood, and El Gaucho. Batman Inc is tasked with preventing any more Deathstroke Inc members from being killed by the Demon’s Shadow, and they are able to save Prometheus from Hook and Razorburn. Batman and Robin interrogate one of the fake Deathstrokes (from Brian Michael Bendis’ “United Order” arc), which leads them to a Central City tailor named Gambi. En route to Central City, Batman is notified by Batman Inc that most of Deathstroke Inc has been rounded up. At Gambi’s lair, Robin tells his dad that he has a girlfriend (Flatline). After fighting their way through death traps, the Dynamic Duo comes face to face with the impostor Deathstroke. In Washington DC, the Hood confronts Deathstroke, Ravager, and Respawn. Dozens of League of Assassins ninjas attack, filling both the Hood and Respawn with bullets.

–Justice League Vol. 4 #75
Having recently become aware of and dealt with the threat of the Great Darkness, the Justice League Incarnate (President Superman, Dino-Cop, Flash Avery Ho, Mary Marvel, Aquawoman, Captain Carrot, Thunderer, and Dr. Multiverse of Earth-8) teleports the Justice League to the House of Heroes. Notably, Batman is hanging out with the Ghost-Maker and Clownhunter when he is pulled through spacetime; Aquaman (Arthur Curry) is hanging out with Jackson Hyde (who has graduated from “Aqualad” to become a dual Aquaman) at the time of teleportation; Superman (Clark Kent) has just wrapped up his longterm liberation of Warworld when he is zapped away; and Green Lantern John Stewart (now merged with part of the Source and also sometimes calling himself “Emerald Knight“) is palling around with the Green Lantern Corps on Oa when he is forcibly summoned. Batman, Superman (Clark), Wonder Woman, Aquaman (Arthur), John Stewart, Hawkgirl, Zatanna, Martian Manhunter, Black Adam, Green Arrow, and Black Canary are greeted by the JL Incarnate. President Superman briefs the heroes of Earth-0, telling them that Flash (Barry Allen) is trapped in an alternate reality, the Spectre has died, and the Great Darkness is on its way to destroy all of existence. Zatanna worries, mentioning that it was the Great Darkness that killed her father many years ago (as originally told in Swamp Thing Vol. 2 #49-50). But Black Adam scoffs, bringing up the fact that they recently bested the Great Darkness (in Justice League vs The Legion of Super-Heroes). All the heroes travel to the ruins of a dead multiverse leftover from the original Crisis to find Pariah, who is possessed by the Great Darkness and threatening to destroy everything in the living multiverse using his Antimatter Chamber. Pariah unleashes the Dark Army (dozens of Shadow Demons and Great Darkness-possessed villains, including Darkseid, Doomsday, Ares, the Empty Hand, Eclipso, Upside-Down Man, Nekron, and Neron), kicking off an epic battle, which is also shown via flashback from Dark Crisis #0. During the melee, Darkseid momentarily shakes off the Great Darkness’ control and attempts to warn the heroes. However, Darkseid is quickly re-subsumed. The heroes note that because the Dark Army is being controlled, each member is significantly weaker than normal. This, combined with John Stewart’s use of the power of the Source, gives the heroes the upper hand. The heroes also learn that Darkseid has murdered the Quintessence. The Spectre, now possessed by the Great Darkness as well, joins the fray. Green Arrow destroys Pariah’s Antimatter Chamber, but the archer gets crushed to death by Doomsday. In an instant, Pariah uses his vast (but indeterminate) power to seemingly kill the JL Incarnate and the rest of the JL except Black Adam! (Black Canary wasn’t shown being seemingly murdered, but presumably she also suffered the same fate as her peers?) Black Adam magickally zaps himself back to the Hall of Justice where Superman (Jon Kent), Detective Chimp, Naomi, Firestorm, and Flash (Wally West) are worriedly waiting. Black Adam delivers the tragic news that the JL is no more.




9 Responses to Infinite Frontier Year Twenty-One (Part 1)

  1. Dylan Robinson says:

    I think your placement of the House of Gotham finale may be incorrect; given the costumes everybody is wearing (Bruce, Jason, and Dick are all wearing their early IF/late Rebirth outfits), I suspect this takes place at some point a bit before Zdarsky’s Urban Legends story.

    Scarecrow’s presence, especially, would make no sense in your current placement.

    • Here’s the problem… The Forgotten debuts in Detective Comics 2021 Annual, which takes place right before Batman: Fear State – Omega #1. This finale of “House of Gotham” doesn’t fit anywhere. And Matthew Rosenberg co-wrote the Annual, so he definitely meant to have it go before is “House of Gotham” finale. Furthermore, the Annual is definitively subtitled “A Shadows of the Bat Prelude.” The full title of “House of Gotham” is “Shadows of the Bat: House of Gotham.”

      We could fanwank a couple things: The Forgotten miraculously survives getting shot and left for dead by Penguin in the finale. Or that isn’t the Forgotten shown in the Annual, it’s a new Forgotten that looks just like the Forgotten, who has taken up his mantle. But as DC is stressing, the Annual goes before this finale… So it def looks like bad continuity. I think the problem lies with Rosenberg (and artist Fernando Blanco) here, meaning that literally everyone is drawn with the wrong costumes, and Scarecrow’s presence here is dubious. The implication here is also that Clayface is Basil, which makes no sense either. (Thankfully, they don’t specify, so we can mark him as Payne.) But in any case, this one is a mess, which is a bummer because I quite enjoyed the story. A final route we can go is moving this into the future section, thus separating it from contemporary narrative. We’d still have to add caveats about everything I’ve said here, but it might be the least messy tactic. What do you think?

      • I’ve decided to move the “House of Gotham” finale prior to Death Metal, where it is drawn and written to take place. It clearly is meant to go there. While Detective Annual 2021 is indeed a prelude to “Shadows of the Bat,” it is a prelude to the “Tower” storyline of “Shadows” ONLY. It was never meant to be/never should have been also a prelude to the “House of Gotham” storyline of “Shadows,” which really has nothing to do with “Tower” or contemporary narrative. And amazingly, if the finale goes before Death Metal, then the Forgotten’s later appearance is okay since he would have been resurrected by Death Metal/IF!

  2. Dylan Robinson says:

    The name of the newcomer in Shadow War: Alpha is ‘Angel Breaker’, according Josh Williamson’s twitter.

  3. Joshua Taylor says:

    Isn’t Justice League #75 supposed to take place further in the future?

    • Dark Crisis is definitely a “present day” story, not a Batman Beyond or anything like that. And it’ll definitely remain at the most contemporary point of the timeline until completion (which won’t be until DECEMBER, sheesh). How far detached from ongoing stories Dark Crisis will end up being? We shall see.

  4. Hatsu says:

    How do you think the new run starting in #125 is going to work with JL #75 and the Dark Crisis series? Is it supposed to be set before then or after?

    • That’s a good question. So far, consensus (from emails I’ve gotten and commentary from site contributors) is that Dark Crisis will remain at the most contemporary point on the timeline, with everything going before it. But like most everything else, we’ll just have to wait and see how things pan out.

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