Silver Year 3


–REFERENCE: In Justice League of America #41—originally told in Detective Comics #197. A new hooded super-villain known as The Wrecker (Dwight Forrows) debuts and fights Batman, but is quickly jailed.

–REFERENCE: In The Brave and The Bold #79. Bruce, keeping up appearances with his playboy persona, befriends famous wealthy socialite and notorious news journalist Carleton K Kaine (aka “Kubla Kaine”).

–REFERENCE: In Batman with Robin the Boy Wonder News Strip 9/4/1968. Bruce reads about the exploits of the famous oceanographer Dr. Archimedes Candy, who is friends with Aquaman. Bruce also reads about the exploits of Dr. Candy’s famous teenage daughter Penelope “Penny” Candy, who is a wild party girl.

–REFERENCE: In Detective Comics #317—originally told in Detective Comics #186. Batman and Robin construct and debut a giant Flying Batcave, a mammoth domed helicopter that contains all the amenities of the real Batcave. The Flying Batcave is used to defeat the deadly combo of Diamond Lang and Big-Time Gateson before being retired into the Batcave’s vehicle holding area.

–REFERENCE: In Batman #157 Part 2 and Untold Legend of the Batman #1—originally told in Detective Comics #213. Batman and Robin defeat Mirror-Man (Floyd Ventris) and his henchman Harry Vance, but not before he uses an X-ray device to sneak a peek beneath Batman’s mask, learning of the Dark Knight’s secret ID. In order to control the situation, Batman writes an op-ed article for the Gotham Gazette about how so many people have tried to prove that Bruce is Batman and that it’s such a passé endeavor since everyone knows that they are buddies, not the same person. With the publication of the article, no one believes Mirror-Man when he too makes the claim that Batman is Bruce. Later, on live TV, Mirror-Man uses the X-ray machine on Batman again, but the Caped Crusader is prepared this time. A mirrored hood underneath his mask causes a horribly distorted image to appear. Batman’s ID is safe as usual and Mirror-Man goes to prison.

–Batman #116 Part 2
Batman and Robin fight the Funny Face Gang and trail one of its members to a club owned by Al Talley. When a suspicious blonde exits the club, the Dynamic Duo trail her home and are surprised when she goes straight to Kathy Kane’s house. Upon snooping around her Batcave, Batman learns that Kathy has been going undercover in a blonde wig at Talley’s to try to expose the leader of the Funny Facers. The Dynamic Trio then fights the Funny Facers to a stalemate. Eventually, Kathy, back in her blonde disguise, outs Talley as the head of the Funny Face Gang, but gets caught by them. Batman and Robin then bust Talley and save Kathy.

–Batman #116 Part 3
While traveling directly into a hurricane in the Batplane, Batman and Robin are thrust into another dimension where a Ancient Roman-esque civilization is at war with winged bat creatures. Naturally, Batman is confused for a bat creature and taken into custody where he is presented before the queen. After fighting-off a Bat-People invasion, Batman earns the trust of the queen and her people. After exposing one of the queen’s aides as a traitor, Batman sets fire to a large underground coal vein in a gorge that surrounds the land of the Bat-People. This fire keeps the Bat-People permanently stuck in their territory. During the lighting of the coal vein, a fiery explosion sends the Batplane rocketing back to Earth. Bruce brags to Dick about how the queen totally had the hots for him.

–REFERENCE: In Batman #117 Part 1. Batman and Robin capture Two-Gun Fowley at a movie studio.

–Detective Comics #256
Bruce and Dick attend a special amusement park ride at the Gotham City Fairgrounds that will supposedly simulate a trip to the Vega System, 25-light-years from Earth. Bruce and Dick, along with the other riders (including recently paroled Pete Cole), are shocked when the ride blasts off and actually takes them to Tora, a terrestrial oxygenated planet near the sun Vega. There, human-looking people greet Batman, Robin, and the other travelers and reveal that they have been brought to Tora to assist in a war against lizard-men invaders from another planet. After riding polka-dot Kerrang horse-creatures, leading a charge against the lizard-men, and then destroying a spider-tank, the tide of the war begins to turn in the favor of the Torans. Batman and Robin sneak into the invader stronghold and learn that most lizard-men are good—the lizard-men that took over Tora were from a crashed prison transport. Batman also learns that the lizard-men have made slaves out of many Torans using “hypno-helmets.” Batman and Robin, with help from Pete Cole, are able to destroy the hypno-helmet machine. After an epic Lord of the Rings-style battlefield clash and a solo duel between Batman and the leader of the lizard-men, the villains are defeated and the war ends. Batman poses for a picture with the leader of the Torans, Beran before all the humans are returned to Earth via spaceship drop-off. Afterward, Batman puts the photo of he and Beran in to the Hall of Trophies.

–REFERENCE: In Batman #117 Part 1. Batman and Robin chase the vile Red Gloves Gang to the Antique Fairgrounds after the group steals $100,000 from a bank. The Red Gloves Gang escapes.

–Batman #117 Part 1
Two days have passed since Batman and Robin’s altercation with the Red Gloves Gang. Batman and Robin rescue Bennet Carson, head of a Citizens’ Committee against crime, after he is attacked by the Red Gloves Gang. Unfortunately, Carson, who has knowledge about the secret Red Glove leader, has amnesia due to the assault. Thus, Batman and Robin guide Carson through his path leading up to the attack, which happens to be a ride on the brand new Batman Sightseeing Tour Bus. Eventually, Carson regains his memory at the Antique Fairgrounds, remembering that he is the leader of the Red Gloves. His men turned on him when they discovered he was cheating them out of a cut of the loot. Batman and Robin easily defeat Carson and his former gang.

–Batman #117 Part 2
Bruce, Dick, and Alfred are stunned when Bruce’s “Club Committee” (i.e. the heads of the Millionaires’ Club) sends him a Batman costume in the mail. As part of a masquerade ball for charity, each member must dress as a character the complete opposite of themselves. Thus, as a gag, the Club Committee decided that it would be funny to dress the lazy playboy Bruce up in a Batman costume, especially since so many folks have accused Bruce of being Batman before. Later, at the ball/charity auction, thief Eddie Luden attempts a robbery. Batman leads his fellow millionaires into battle against Luden and his men, defeating them but seemingly exposing his secret identity in the process. However, Robin and Alfred-dressed-up-as-Batman arrive to confuse both friends and foes.

–REFERENCE: In Justice League of America #144. Superman, Batman, and Robin meet and befriend the rookie superhero Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) and Aquaman (Arthur Curry), one of the underwater-dwelling Atlantean people.

–FLASHBACK: From Justice League of America #144. February 1969. The date given is February 1959, but due to sliding-timeline retcons, every date in JLofA #144 gets ten years added to it. Here we go. Ever since 1965, the shape-shifting Green Martian named J’onn J’onzz (aka Martian Manhunter) has posed as Detective John Jones while living in Middleton, Colorado (a suburb of Denver). When Commander Benn Blanx and his evil White Martian cronies show up on Earth looking to kill J’onn, it’s not long before America believes a full-fledged Martian invasion is underway.[1] After meeting and helping J’onn, rookie hero Flash (Detective Barry Allen of the Central City Police Department) decides he better solicit Superman’s help in dealing with the Martians. Flash runs to Metropolis and meets Superman, Batman, and Robin for the first time. The four heroes then visit Middleton, where the reports of Martian activity have reached a fever pitch. In Middleton, the heroes agree to let “TV Detective” Roy Raymond and his assistant Karen Duncan run a nationally televised story about the “Martian invasion.” The next morning, a gaggle of heroes show up to help out Batman and Superman, including The Blackhawks (Bart “Blackhawk” Hawk, Andre Blanc-DumontChuck Wilson, Hans Hendrickson, Olaf Bjornson, and Stanislaus Drozdowski), The Challengers of the Unknown (Kyle “Ace” Morgan, Lester “Rocky” Davis, Matthew “Red” Ryan, and Professor Walter Haley), The Vigilante, Robotman, Congo Bill, Congorilla, Plastic Man, Aquaman, Rex the Wonder Dog, and the Amazon princess Wonder Woman. (The Amazons are the race of warrior women that are a part of the Greco-Roman pantheon.) Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen show up to cover the story on behalf of the Daily Planet. The heroes split into three groups and go searching for Martians. The Blackhawks/Plastic Man group accidentally fights a time-traveling Time Masters (Rip Hunter and Jeff Smith). The Challengers/Robotman/Vigilante/Congo Bill group accidentally fights a visiting Adam Strange. Meanwhile, the Superman/Batman/Robin/Wonder Woman/Aquaman/Flash/Raymond/Rex group is summoned to Ferris Aircraft Corporation where a fearless young test pilot named Hal Jordan has just been attacked by the White Martians. At Ferris Aircraft, the heroes defeat the White Martians and save J’onn’s life. Raymond wants to sing J’onn’s praises to the world via his TV show, but thanks to the anti-Martian hysteria that’s been drummed up, the heroes decide they should wait at least six months before debuting him to the public. Thus, while the public knows that the White Martian invasion was prevented, the public doesn’t ever learn that it was Earth’s mightiest heroes that were the saviors. The major heroes also decide that, when J’onn does eventually come out, they should form a crime-fighting team to back-up his debut and to fight against evil. Batman is against the idea, but says he will think about it.

–REFERENCE: In Justice League of America #172. Batman learns all about Flash’s powers.

–World’s Finest Comics #95
Batman has a dizzy spell in the Batcave, but shrugs it off. Later on patrol, Batman discovers that he has the exact powers as Superman and uses them to put out a tenement fire. Superman shows up to assist as well, prompting a previously unseen competitive nature on the part of both heroes, who both exclaim that they hate each other. After the news goes public that Batman and Superman are now enemies, our heroes continue competing with one another. After two more competitions, Batman and Superman finally slug it out in an epic brawl. Meanwhile, Robin has to save the day and take on some crooks solo. As Batman and Superman prepare to continue pummeling each other, a beam of light encapsulates Batman, Superman, and Robin and sucks them across the galaxy to the planet Xlym. There, Batman and Superman are knocked-out with an “amnesia ray” and giant goblin aliens explain that they endowed Batman with super powers and blasted both the Dark Knight and Man of Steel with a fight-inducing “hate ray” in order to see who was tougher. When the goblin aliens’ “superior” catches wind of their chicanery, he undoes everything they have done and sends the humans back to Earth, returning things to the status-quo.

–REFERENCE: In Action Comics #241. Joker escapes from jail and terrorizes Batman and Superman, but ultimately is defeated. Superman collects a giant Joker penny and places it into the “Batman section” of his Fortress of Solitude.

–Action Comics #241
In this issue Batman references the time “years ago” when he and Superman “shared” each other’s secret IDs with one another. First of all, they didn’t share—they found out each other’s IDs by accident on the cruise ship Varania. Also, it happened two years ago to be specific. Onto the synopsis. With Superman’s anniversary of his arrival on Earth approaching, Batman goes out to the stores to look for a gift. Ultimately, the Caped Crusader decides to lay a surprise riddle on his buddy as a present. In order to start the game, Batman gives Superman’s pal Professor Welkins some metal to be tested in the Fortress of Solitude. Batman then hides inside the giant key for a full day until Superman comes home. After Superman leaves, Batman sets out taunting messages that baffle the Man of Steel. Batman then hides inside the Joker Penny for another full day until Superman returns. Another taunt from the mystery “intruder” awaits. Frustrated, Superman causes an earthquake that flushes out Batman. Batman then escorts Superman to the Batcave. There, a giant cake of Batman’s own design, complete with wax Clark Kent candles, is ready for consumption.

–Detective Comics #257
Batman invents personalized helicopters called Whirly-Bats. Later, Batman and Robin face-off against costumed super-villain Karko, who steals amateur art from a street fair using a flying saucer with robotic tentacles. Karko not only defeats Batman and Robin, but he destroys the Batmobile. The Dynamic Duo switch to the new Whirly-Bats and face-off against Karko again only to be defeated once again, as Karko steals a car and makes it disappear in a bizarre bubble. After whipping out the reserve Batmobile, Batman and Robin stumble across Karko fighting another costumed person, who reveals himself as Chief of Universal Inspectors Mahan. Mahan and Karko are from the year 2572. Mahan has chased Karko to 1969, where the villain has been stealing “antiques” and sending them to an accomplice in the future. Karko threatens to expose Batman and Robin’s secret IDs—in 2572, everyone their secret IDs are public knowledge. But thanks to some quick thinking by Mahan, Karko is defeated.

–REFERENCE: In The Brave and The Bold #113. Batman begins secret construction on a hidden hangar bay in the top floors of the Wayne Enterprises Building. He also builds a secret passage from his office to the elevator shaft. These projects are likely completed very quickly and with help from the super-powers of the Justice League. Batman stores Whirly-Bats inside the hangar.

–Detective Comics #258
When giant purple robots commit a series of robberies in Gotham, Batman and Robin are on the case. After discovering that the robots are coming from nearby Eagle Mountain, Batman builds a Batman Robot[2] and makes his way to the rocky location. There, robots capture the Dynamic Duo and introduce them to their master, Bartok, a scientific genius that has spent the last five years in prison for selling inventions to mobsters. Despite being locked in a cell, Batman summons his Batman Robot, who enters the cavernous hideout and begins tearing apart the robots. A giant robot eventually defeats the Batman Robot, but the real Batman defeats Bartok, who self-destructs his creations before getting hauled back to jail.

–REFERENCE: In Detective Comics #281. Batman puts the Batman Robot into the Hall of Trophies. The Batman Robot is still functional and Batman will use him again in the future.

–REFERENCE: In Detective Comics #321—originally told in Detective Comics #253. A super-villain team known as the Terrible TrioThe Vulture, The Shark, and The Fox take on Batman and Robin, but easily wind up behind bars.

–REFERENCE: In Batman #312—originally told in the Golden Age-only Detective Comics #259. Batman defeats the debuting Calendar Man (Julian Day), who commits four separate seasonal-themed crimes. We won’t see him again for eleven years.

–REFERENCE: In Adventure Comics #253. Batman and Robin, while on patrol, respond to the Batsignal and go on an unspecified case. (This reference has an actual accompanying panel that gives us a visual of this occurrence, but it’s not really a flashback or a flashforward. I’ve made it a reference note since it technically is simply Robin telling Superboy about his future adventures with Batman.)

–REFERENCE: In Adventure Comics #253, Adventure Comics #275, and World’s Finest Comics #271. Batman goes out of town on unspecified business. While he is gone, Robin responds to a distress signal from the Fortress of Solitude. There, Superman lies dying, having been impacted by a Kryptonite bomb explosion that had been lying dormant for seven years in an old clock trophy he received when he was Superboy. With Superman near death and unable to recover, Robin visits Professor Carter Nichols and goes back in time to Smallville, 1962. There Robin introduces himself to Superboy and explains the situation in the future. After a series of quick investigative adventures, including the apprehension of a young Lex Luthor, Robin and Superboy expose insurance fraudster Pete Groff of placing a K-bomb in the clock trophy. Thus, the bomb is dealt with in 1962 and Superman is saved in the future. Robin says goodbye and heads back to 1969. (Don’t forget, Superboy erases all knowledge of his future, including this meeting with Robin, a few months afterward.)

–REFERENCE: In World’s Finest Comics #271. Robin, having just traveled back in time to save Superman’s life, returns to Gotham where Batman has also just returned from out-of-town business. Robin tells Batman all about his adventure.

–Batman #119 Part 1
Batwoman is the toast of the town. Gotham has its annual “Woman of the Year” contest and the two finalists are Batwoman and Vicki Vale! The two ladies are given six more hours to show their stuff, the winner receiving a date with Batman. The Dark Knight sedulously monitors his paramours, who recklessly put themselves in danger in the name of victory. When things are still tied up, Batwoman and Vicki both try to apprehend notorious gangsters Nick Danton and Moose Malloy, putting Batman in serious trouble in the process. However, in the end, the gals take down the crooks and earn themselves the co-title of “Women of the Year” (and a triple-date with Batman).

–World’s Finest Comics #97
Batman, Robin, and Superman chase after the Condor Gang, a bunch of ruthless criminals led by the mysterious hooded Condor. After the case drags on, our heroes devise a complicated plan to defeat the Condor. First, Superman disguises himself as “Professor Milo,” inventor of a “predicting computer.” (Superman’s disguise has nothing to do with Batman’s nemesis Achilles Milo.) The computer makes two “predictions” that our heroes make come true. The Condor’s men, all according to Batman and Superman’s plan, kidnap Milo and steal his computer, demanding to know exactly how to get rid of Batman and Superman. “Professor Milo” tells the Condor’s men to frame Batman for taking a bribe from Ace Logan, which will make the Caped Crusader a wanted fugitive and make Superman preoccupied with trying to exonerate his pal. The Condor’s men enact the plan and, sure enough, Batman becomes a wanted criminal overnight, reviled by the GCPD, the news media, and a new Citizens’ Committee led by millionaire John Titus. This crazy plan continues as Superman builds a fake Batcave beneath the mansion of his friend Scott Forest and then escorts the press there. The public instantly comes to believe that Scott Forest and his son are Batman and Robin. With a false news story printed stating that Batman has been jailed, “Professor Milo” is granted an audience with the Condor. “Professor Milo” sheds his disguise and attacks, but the Condor hits him with a chunk of Kryptonite. Batman and Robin show up to save the day and the Condor is quickly busted.

–REFERENCE: In World’s Finest Comics #266—originally told in World’s Finest Comics #98. The US Government has recently been using Superman to secretly hurl rockets and satellites into space, so when they call upon Batman to deliver astronaut/ace pilot Brice Rogers to a secluded Superman launch site, the Dark Knight complies. Superman hurls Rogers in a rocket on a course to orbit the moon and return to Earth. However, while swinging around the moon, a Kryptonite comet passes by and turns Rogers into the crazed Moon Man (aka Moonman)! Later, at an exhibit of historic vehicles where Batman, Robin, and Superman are guests of honor, the costumed thieving Moon Man strikes. Glowing with Kryptonite radiation, the Moon Man’s mere presence causes Superman to grow weak in the knees. The next night, our heroes learn that Rogers turns into the Moon Man every night but retains no memories of his actions in the morning. After using his magnetic and flight powers to commit a second heist and defeat our heroes, Rogers comes to realize that he is the Moon Man and tries to turn himself in. Unfortunately, a gang of robbers kidnap Rogers and use him to defeat Batman and Robin yet again once night falls. In the morning, Moon Man surrenders to Superman and his powers fade away completely. At night, Superman and Batman dress-up Rogers as the Moon Man anyway in order to have him betray and set-up his robber team. Superman, Batman, Robin, and Rogers easily trick and take down the bad guys. Rogers becomes a respected Gotham citizen following this affair.

–REFERENCE: In Batman #262. Batman busts a random smalltime crook that wields a gun, which he’s named “Lady Gat.”

–REFERENCE: In Batman #120 Part 2. Bruce’s terminally ill Great Uncle Silas Wayne interjects himself into his life, believing Bruce to be unworthy of the Wayne name due to his predisposition for lazy playboy antics. Great Uncle Silas lectures Bruce, telling him to do something more with his life.

–Batman #120 Part 2
Great Uncle Silas chastises Bruce for being a lazy idler yet again, prompting Bruce to attempt to take on an escaped convict. The police laugh and stop Bruce, who then switches into his Batman gear and busts the escapee. The next day, Bruce tries to take down an experimental robot that is running amok in Gotham, only to be laughed and by the GCPD again. Bruce is forced to switch to his Batman togs to defeat the robot. The next night, Bruce examines some evidence given to him by the GCPD that is linked to crook Babyface Muller. Batman and Robin then bust Muller. At police HQ, Batman unmasks! Alfred, dressed as Batman, then arrives and tells everyone that Bruce played a Batman double to help him in the case. Back home, Bruce decides to tell Silas the truth about Batman anyway. Silas invites some others of the Wayne clan to Wayne Manor, where he ironically hangs a portrait of Bruce wearing the Batman costume. (The Wayne family shown here includes two young women and an elderly man, each remaining unnamed in the story. However, we can probably infer from later comics that one of the women is Jane Wayne and the man is the unnamed Wayne patriarch from Scotland. The other woman is unnamed, but this is likely Scottish guy’s wife.) Later, on his deathbed, Silas tells Bruce how proud he is of his great-nephew. Presumably, a funeral is held shortly thereafter.

–Batman #120 Part 3
Batman get trampled by a mad elephant while protecting a circus audience, causing serious injury to his legs. Stuck in casts, Batman must now patrol Gotham from the confines of a Whirly-Bat. Over the course of a week or two (until Batman has his casts removed), Batman and Robin bust various gangs and mobs while never once leaving their Whirly-Bats.

–REFERENCE: In Batman #121 Part 1. Out-of-towner Hank Purdy visits Gotham to meet with criminal inventor Alec Wyre. When Batman learns Purdy is staying at a local hotel, he sends him a live bat to scare him away. Sure enough, Purdy gets the message and leaves immediately. Wyre, on the other hand, puts a tracking device on the bat and releases it, hoping that it will fly home to the Batcave.

Batman #121 Part 1
The Dynamic Duo are shocked to find the corpse of wanted criminal inventor Alec Wyre inside the Batcave. After searching the body, Batman finds a notepad that names Wyre’s last three clients, Jigger Mulane, Dan Dolson, and Hank Purdy. Batman and Robin shake down Mulane, Dolson, and Purdy, but it is clear that none of them even know Wyre is dead. Batman then realizes what happened. Wyre had put a tracking device on the bat he sent to Pudry’s hotel room, allowing him to locate the Batcave. However, Wyre quickly lost his bearings after spelunking into the dark cavern, was swarmed by bats, fell, hit his head, and died. Case closed.

–Detective Comics #261-262
Dr. X (Simon Ecks) is the newest scourge of Gotham. For three days straight, Batman and Robin patrol in anticipation of his next strike. Finally, the Dynamic Duo confronts Dr. X at a watch works. During the fight, a translucent exact double of Dr. X appears, calling itself Double X. Dr. X argues with Double X, causing the former’s arrest. Later, the ghostly double breaks his alter ego out. What is happening here? Dr. X has invented a machine that can extract the essence of one’s personality and morph it into a separate sentient doppelgänger/symbiote. Eventually, Dr. X and Double X capture Batman and Robin. The villains believe they have extracted the rapacious part of Batman’s personality, shaping it into a living, breathing, and evil Batman X, but in reality Batman has coated himself with phosphorescent paint and is merely pretending that the machine worked on him. With this advantage, Batman saves Robin and busts Dr. X, who can’t remember anything that happened while his evil Double X counterpart was outside of his body. Dr. X goes into a sanitarium. With Double X back inside Dr. X, Dr. X becomes known at the sanitarium as “Dr. Double X,” although, technically, Dr. X and Double X are separate symbiotic beings. (Detective Comics #261 is also shown via flashback from World’s Finest Comics #276.)

Batman and Robin are invited to tour a new exhibit at the Gotham Museum before it opens, courtesy of archeologist Dr. Coombs and his assistant Mr. Gibson, who have discovered a rare Anubis mask. After hearing an earful about how obsessed Coombs is with the mask, Batman is surprised to see Coombs wearing it when he arrives at the museum. A night later, Batman and Robin fight an Egyptian-themed super-villain who wears the Anubis mask and calls himself Jackal-Head. Batman assumes the new villain is Coombs, but after two straight nights of bitter defeats against the crook and his gang, the Dark Knight realizes that Gibson has donned the Anubis mask and put the blame on his boss. Eventually, Batman and Robin defeat Jackal-Head. A week later, Batman puts a replica Anubis mask into the Hall of Trophies.

–Batman #122 Part 3
Bruce goes on a sexy date with Kathy Kane and leaves Dick behind at the mansion. At Wayne Manor, Dick falls asleep and has a horrific nightmare where Batman and Batwoman are married. Bruce returns from his date and wakes up Dick, who hopes that he never lives to see the day Batman marries anybody.

–REFERENCE: In Batman #144 Part 3. Now that Bruce and Kathy have recently gotten a bit closer, Dick has been apprehensive about Bruce being involved with anyone. Sensing this, Batman has a chat with his Boy Wonder, specifically telling him that he is completely devoted to fighting crime and that he would never risk a romance until after retirement. Sure thing, Bruce. Sure thing. Batman #144 also tells us that Batman will re-iterate his “anti-romance status” to Robin time and time again over the course of the next year (which we can imagine occurring scattered throughout our upcoming timeline). Sounds like Batman keeps needing to remind himself of this “rule.”

–REFERENCE: In World’s Finest Comics #232. Batman busts crook Whitey Lewis.

–Detective Comics #263
Batman and Robin chase two wanted Gotham criminals to a Mayan village in Mexico. In the village, the crooks meet with their boss, known only as The Professor, who sics the villagers with a bunch of sci-fi weaponry and transportation on the Dynamic Duo. (The sci-fi weaponry and transportation were given to the villagers by a yellow alien named Odin.) Batman and Robin are captured, but escape to rescue one of the villagers that is trapped on a cliff side, thus earning the trust and respect of the tribe. Our heroes return to the village only to learn that the Professor has stolen all of the alien tech—except for a tiny silver medallion that Batman keeps. Back in Gotham, Batman defeats the Professor, who uses a hard-light bridge-maker and a hover car on two separate failed heists. Later at the Gotham Water Works, the Professor and his men use a solar-cooker and a paralysis ray-gun against Batman and Robin. Things look bad until Batman smashes the silver medallion, realizing it is a fail-safe created to destroy the alien tech should it fall into evil hands. Sure enough, all of the Professor’s toys disappear, leading to his easy arrest.

–REFERENCE: In Detective Comics #267. Batman and Robin fight the debuting Tipper Neely Gang.

–World’s Finest Comics #99
Clearly inspired by Brewster’s Millions, Bill Finger pens a story where Larry Verril inherits a fortune of a million dollars, but with an important caveat in the will: If he can spend the million dollars in four days, he will get ten million dollars, but if he fails, then he gets nothing. And of course, he can’t tell anyone. But when Verril gets injured, he asks Batman to substitute for him. (Batman can’t tell anyone the truth either.) Thus begins four straight days of Batman putting out weird ads in newspapers, making insane cash purchases on things like dead-end salvage companies, empty mines, and robots that serve no purpose other than to count grains of sand. When Superman catches wind of Batman’s seemingly insane spending spree, he goes well out of his way to make sure that each of Batman’s bogus financial enterprises actually earn him a profit! Eventually, Superman learns about what’s going on from Verril and sells Batman a bunch of his trophies from the Fortress of Solitude. Superman then tricks the former owners of Batman’s bum mine, who happen to be crooks, into buying the mine back from Batman, thus getting rid of the final Verril cash-load. I’m not sure if Batman keeps the million dollar’s worth of trophies that Superman sells to him or if they remain in the Fortress of Solitude, but in either case, there are ten items in total—a stop sign, a giant wheel, a large stalagmite, a twisted-up steel girder, a box with unknown contents, and several other unidentifiable things.

–Batman #123 Part 2
Joker escapes from jail and decides to match wits with Batman by sending a series of crime-clues to GCPD HQ. After a heist that involves a large rubber whale distraction, Joker robs an armored car with a giant steel spider web. To escape, Joker debuts his Jokermobile, an answer to the Batmobile. After driving to a dam and speedboat-ing away, Joker sends a clue for his next big gig. A day later, Joker attempts a robbery and grand escape in a rocket ship, but Batman captures him using the Batplane.

–FLASHBACK: From Detective Comics #273. The Dragon Society, an organized crime cartel with cells in Gotham, Chicago, Houston, and San Francisco, strikes across the nation, debuting in one dastardly declaration of war and theft. In Gotham, the dragon masked fiends defeat Batman and Robin and steal a cache of silver from a hospital. After Batman meets with the police chiefs of the four cities, a nationwide dragnet begins. Soon, a Gotham Dragon is caught, but because of the secret terrorist cell nature of the group, he actually doesn’t know who his higher-ups are. The next day, the Dragon Society makes a fool of Batman again, stealing a freight car’s worth of ermine furs from a ship. Two days later, Batman trails an antique dealer who meets with the Dragon Society after a robbery at the Gotham Museum. Batman takes down the antique dealer, who is the Dragon Chief of Gotham, and takes his place at a secret Dragon Society meeting. At the meeting, Batman is quickly outed. But even faced with the guns of the four other Dragon Chiefs, Batman simply “Hulks up” and kicks their asses, shutting down the Dragon Society for good.

–World’s Finest Comics #100
As the intro tells us, Superman recently fought Brainiac and recovered the Bottle City of Kandor, a shrunken-down Kryptonian city (complete with its living residents) that Brainiac stole from the doomed planet before its destruction. After reading about the case in the newspaper, an escaped Lex Luthor decides he wants a piece of that action. Batman, Robin, and Superman depart from a charity athletic event when Luthor publicly announces that he has invented a new secret war machine. Superman finds the bizarre machine at Luthor’s hideout, but the villain and his henchmen are nowhere to be found, so the Man of Steel takes the device to the Fortress of Solitude for further examination. Inside the Fortress, Luthor and his men, shrunken down with shrink belts of Luthor’s own design, emerge and enter Kandor, quickly becoming its new lords and masters. Superman shrinks down and enters Kandor, but quickly gets defeated by Luthor because he is powerless inside the bottle. It’s not long before Batman and Robin figure out what’s happened, shrink down, and enter Kandor to help Superman fight Luthor, who operates a purple robot-mech. Everyone battles until they are back outside the bottle and regular size, allowing the heroes to send the villains back to jail.

–REFERENCE: In World’s Finest Comics #240. Batman learns everything he can about Kandor, including learning about its governing body known as the Kryptonian Science Council.

–REFERENCE: In World’s Finest Comics #158. With all the shrinking that has gone down lately, Batman has shrink-rays on the brain. Superman allows him to study Brainiac’s shrink-ray, after which Batman builds his own and stores it in the Batcave trophy room. Batman, after examining some of Superman’s other shrink-related stuff, also creates his own special gravity boots that allow their wearer to walk comfortably in the weird atmosphere of bottled cities. He also constructs copies of Superman’s mini-jetpacks. These items go alongside the shrink-ray in the trophy room.

–REFERENCE: In Superman #132. Superman saves Batman and Robin from a “crime trap.”

–Superman #132
A week ago, Superman saved the Dynamic Duo from a “crime trap.” Now, Batman and Robin want to repay Superman, so they bring him some images that he created by scanning light rays emitted from the exploded Krypton—images of his life on Krypton that the Man of Steel had donated to a museum. Superman seems confused by this gift until Batman explains that they will feed the pictures into Superman’s complex Super-UNIVAC computer, which will display a video feed “What If…?” scenario detailing what Superman’s life would have been like if Krypton never blew up. The video shows Kal grow to adulthood and become the sidekick to superhero Futuro. Eventually, Kal’s family dies in an accident and Lois Lane visits Krypton only to fall in love with and marry Futuro. When Futuro moves to Earth, he endows Kal with super-powers using a fancy machine. Thus, Kal would have become Superman on Krypton as well.

–REFERENCE: In World’s Finest Comics #246. Batman forces mauve-obsessed kingpin Mad Dog Doyle out of Gotham.

–Detective Comics #267
Batman’s biggest fan, a magickal imp from the 5th Dimension named Bat-Mite, pops in and says hello to the Dynamic Duo in the Batcave.[3] Later, Batman and Robin bust Tipper Neely and his gang while Bat-Mite uses his magick to interfere. The next night, Batman and Robin easily round up some crooks, much to the dismay of Bat-Mite, who wanted to see some quality action. A disappointed Bat-Mite uses his powers to free the baddies, thus making Batman and Robin do extra work to rein them in again. Later, Batman sets up a trap for the Yellow Gloves Gang in an empty warehouse, but this doesn’t please Bat-Mite’s action-hungry taste, so he fills the warehouse with oversize props. When the props get in the way, Bat-Mite tries to make amends by making a giant Batman statue come to life, which defeats the villains. Back in the Batcave, Batman chews out Bat-Mite and tells him to get lost. Bat-Mite disappears, but not before saying that he will return!

–World’s Finest Comics #101
New villain Atom-Master, who uses a machine to create illusions out of the dust in the air, creates an illusion of Superman, Batman, and Robin attacking Gotham. After Superman fights an illusion of a giant crab, our heroes know what they are dealing with and begin a search for Atom-Master. After collecting a gun from one of Atom-Master’s henchmen, Batman locates his secret base. Our heroes converge on Atom-Master, but learn the hard way that he now has the power to turn his illusions into reality. Creating a paralysis ray to attack Batman and Robin with, Atom-Master gains the upper hand. Superman turns the tide by creating an imaginary dinosaur, scaring the villains into submission, and allowing for the Dynamic Duo’s rescue.

–Batman #124 Part 1
During a fight with Smiley Gober’s gang at a lamp company, Batman is exposed to an experimental light ray and becomes invisible! The next day, a representative of the Gotham Community Chest arrives to remind Bruce that he is the guest speaker of honor at the evening’s gala. That night, Gober tries to expose invisible Batman’s secret ID at a bakery, but the Dynamic Duo takes him down. At the Community Chest gala, Bruce’s invisibility wears off just in time.

–Batman #124 Part 3
Batman and Robin respond when an alien seed pod crashes north of Gotham and emits a vibration wave that crumbles a bridge and a building into dust. A second seed pod crashes to earth and emits a gas that petrifies everything it touches. After containing the gas using their Whirly-Bats, Batman and Robin locate a third radio-disrupting seed pod, out of which emerges a robot. The robot wafts the petrification gas toward Gotham and begins rolling the vibration pod towards the city as well with intentions of destroying everything. Batman and Robin then find a meteor that is powering the seeds and the robot. They throw the meteor into the gas, which petrifies it, allowing it to shatter via the vibration pod. The pods and the robot disintegrate immediately. Batman and Robin never learn who or what sent the bizarre pods.

–REFERENCE: In Batman #125 Part 1. John Wilker‘s dog aids Batman and Robin on a case, becoming Ace the Bat-Hound in the process! Ace lives with Wilker, but will help Batman, Robin, and Batwoman on several patrols in the upcoming weeks. We won’t see these unspecified patrols with Ace on our timeline, but know that they do indeed occur.

–Detective Comics #268
While doing some jet airplane testing for a private aircraft company, Batman flies through the tail of a comet and is endowed with super-strength. However, gaining new powers also means that Batman will die within a week’s time unless the eccentric comet-gas expert Professor Blake can find him a cure. For two days, glowing super-Batman wails on scared crooks, but the hermit Blake can’t be found. Batman tells a tearful Robin that he’d like acrobat/private eye Mike Wilson to replace him as the new Batman should he pass on. After a few more days of Superman-like feats of heroism by the Dark Detective, gangster Big Joe Foster finds and kidnaps Blake, hoping to ensure Batman’s death. Batman then stages a fight with an undercover GCPD officer, during which he fakes his own death in front of an onlooking Foster gang henchman. Batman then trails the henchman to Foster’s hideout, busts the whole gang, and gets treated by Blake without a moment to spare.

–World’s Finest Comics #102
When a meteorite crashes to earth near Metropolis, Batman and Robin investigate. Shockingly, from within the meteorite emerges a caveman that has all the powers of Superman. After a losing fight against the raging caveman, Superman, Batman, and Robin learn that he is indeed an ancient Kryptonian kept alive by strange volcanic elements from Krypton for hundreds of thousands of years. When Krypton blew up, the caveman was hurled into space and took the same path toward Earth that Superman took, albeit a bit slower. The next day, crook Pete Waller, on behalf of his boss Jo-Jo Groff, dresses up like the caveman in order to pull off some robberies. Batman and Robin easily see through the ruse and nab Waller, but the real caveman, thinking Waller is a fellow Kryptonian caveman, rescues him and joins up with Groff. Eventually, after another heist, Groff and Waller take Superman and the caveman down with Kryptonite. Batman and Robin bust Groff and Waller and get rid of the Kryptonite. Superman prepares to battle with the caveman again, but the latter dies, having been away from the volcanic elements that sustained him for so long in the first place.

–FLASHBACK: From Batman #125 Part 1. John Wilker gives Ace to Bruce permanently. Ace moves into Wayne Manor! Shortly thereafter, Batman and Robin take on longtime Gotham super-villain Mr. Midas, who is obsessed with gold. Later, when the Dynamic Duo gets trapped in Midas’ abandoned gold mine hideout, Batman summons Ace via a signal in his collar. Ace gathers up Batwoman and leads her to make the rescue. Later still, Batman, Robin, Batwoman, and Ace take on Midas and his gang at a movie studio. Midas tries to flee via the airport, but Ace makes sure he can’t until Batman, Robin, and Batwoman arrive to nab him.

–REFERENCE: In The Brave and The Bold #113. Batman busts an unnamed one-armed killer.

–Detective Comics #269
Batman and Robin catch one of the Green Hood Gang and haul him into GCPD HQ. There, they interrogate him as to the whereabouts of the new king of the Gotham underworld, known only as The Big Guy. Batman gets no info, but the Green Hoodie mentions the death of the Dynamic Duo scheduled in a day’s time. After some undercover work by Robin, our heroes learn that there is a nightly stage play held for criminals on Gotham Island that features Batman and Robin dying new and unique horrible deaths each show. Knowing that the Big Guy will eventually visit the show, Batman and Robin take out the actors and replace them, rehearsing daily and performing for three nights in a row! On the fourth night, Big Guy purchases tickets, but the director of the show (aptly named The Director) catches wind that his actors are the real Batman and Robin. During the performance, the Director uses real deathtraps instead of fakes, prompting Batman and Robin to improvise. Our heroes defeat and arrest the Big Guy and shut down the Director’s theater.

–REFERENCE: In World’s Finest Comics #103. Batman invents a super-sonic radio signaling device that can be used to summon Superman at a moment’s notice.

–World’s Finest Comics #103
Two men named Atkins and Bork purchase a sorcerer’s treasure map from a dying crook. Atkins digs up the first X on the map, which is in Gotham, to find a small box that releases an ancient dragon. Batman and Robin summon Superman for help. Superman confronts Bork on the Gotham waterfront, who has dug up a magick prism that can deflect any attack. Bork uses the prism to defeat Superman. Later, Batman, Robin, and Superman go after Atkins and Bork on Fiddle Island. There, Atkins betrays his partner and sics his dragon on both Bork and the heroes, allowing him to get the third and fourth treasures all to himself. Atkins uses the third treasure, a “force glove,” to subdue Batman, a scene mirrored in a single-panel flashback from Secret Society of Super-Villains #11. Atkins then turns the magick prism on Superman, sending him hurtling towards Batman, in a scene mirrored in a single-panel flashback from Secret Society of Super-Villains #8. When Superman sings at a high pitch to shatter the prism, Atkins uses the fourth treasure, an invisibility cloak, in an attempt to regain the upper hand, but ultimately the heroes defeat him. Superman then sets the magick items on fire and hurls them into deep space.

–Batman #126 Part 3
Bruce, Dick, and Kathy Kane attend the socialite party of Ted Carson. There, a newcomer known as The Firefly robs some gold nuggets and eludes Batman. The next day, Bruce spots Kathy on a date with Carson, which makes him insanely jealous. Later, Batman, Robin, and Batwoman fight the Firefly, but the new villain bests them. After the fight, Batwoman claims she now knows Batman’s secret ID. Worried about her statement, Bruce visits Kathy later that night only to find her in the middle of another date with Carson. Carson takes off, but Kathy tells Bruce to leave too. Kathy, as Batwoman, follows Carson to his mansion and confronts him, believing him to be Batman! Carson laughs, reveals himself as the Firefly instead, and captures her. That night, at the museum, Batman, Robin, and an escaped Batwoman take down Firefly once and for all. Kathy and Bruce go on a date the next night.

–World’s Finest Comics #104
Batman demonstrates his newest inventions, the Flashbulb Batarang and the inflatable bat-wings, at a World of Tomorrow Exposition. Superman demos a teleporter (which is just a test model and doesn’t actually work yet). Batwoman shows up late because she had been tussling with some henchmen working for Lex Luthor, who has escaped from prison yet again. When Luthor’s men show up at the expo, Batman and Superman round them up. Batwoman tries taking on Luthor herself, but gets captured. Luthor then disguises himself as the inventor of the teleporter and rigs the machine so that it will disintegrate anything that steps onto its platform. Batman and Robin arrive, and Batwoman tries to warn Superman, but he fizzles away as he stands in the machine. Luckily, Superman reappears and busts Luthor. The Man of Steel disconnected the machine with his heat vision and then merely vibrated at top speed to trick Luthor into thinking he has disintegrated him.

–Batman #127 Part 2
Professor Carter Nichols summons Bruce and Dick to his lab to test out his latest invention, a helmet that let’s you see what your life would have been like under different circumstances. Bruce puts on the helmet and sees a vivid image of what would have happened if his parents were never killed. In the alternate reality, Bruce stays a lazy idler playboy well into adulthood. When a criminal wearing the Batman costume, but calling himself Blue Bat, attacks one of Bruce’s parties, he is inspired by Superman to react heroically. Eventually defeating Blue Bat, Bruce takes his costume and becomes Batman. It was always Bruce’s destiny, no matter what, to become the Dark Knight.

–Batman #127 Part 3
Thor (of the Norse gods) appears and begins looting and pillaging valuables for Odin, fighting Batman and Robin along the way. Later, Henry Meke, owner of a curio museum that exhibits replica weapons of myth, reports that his Mjölnir is missing. Two nights later, in a thunderstorm, Thor returns and takes out both crooks and Batman alike, continuing his quest for riches. Batman and Robin question Meke again, who seems dazed and confused, but faintly recalls the hammer getting struck by a radioactive glow before it went missing. Then, as if hypnotized, right before Batman’s watching eyes, Meke puts on an oversize Norse armored outfit and reveals the hammer Mjölnir, and morphs into Thor! Batman is able to separate Mjölnir from Thor, turning the god back into mortal man. It turns out that a deep space meteor, pulsing with cosmic power, crashed into/was summoned by Mjölnir, giving it the power to metamorphose Meke into the host for the powerful thunder warrior. (World’s Finest Comics #135 tells us that Mjölnir’s power, while undeniably divine, originated from a deep space meteor.) After all is said and done, Mjölnir goes back on display in the museum. But is it the real Mjölnir? And was he channeling the real Norse god Thor? We’ll never know, but without any explanation, I’d say the answer is yes.

–Batman #128
Batman and Robin assist a bizarre alien that is being attacked by even more bizarre crab-like humanoid aliens. After the attacking aliens zap the trio with a paralysis ray, Batman realizes that he was too hasty and accidentally was helping the wanted space pirate Kraak. The aliens arrest Batman, Robin, and Kraak and take them across the galaxy to the prison moon of their home planet Ergon. At their trial, Batman explains the situation, to which the Ergonians reply by forcing him to go undercover and help Kraak escape so they can recover his stolen loot. Thus, Batman, Robin, and Kraak bust out of the clink and hike into the surrounding Forest of Peril, which is filled with robot-trackers, swamp-amoebas, giant insects, pepper melon trees, river-serpents, and ram-beasts. Eventually, the trio gets off-world and returns to Kraak’s hideout on the Claw Asteroid. There, Batman and Robin fight-off Kraak and his pirate henchmen until the Ergonian police arrive to apprehend them. Batman and Robin are then taken back home to Earth.

When a bunch of inexpensive and unimportant items from the estate auction of the late Thaddeus Moore are stolen in a series of separate robberies, Batman and Robin are on the case. The Dynamic Duo starts their investigation by questioning Moore’s attorneys, Mr. Logan and Mr. Hillery. Logan gives them a list of the crappy items that went out via auction and also mentions that Moore made a cryptic message about a “missing million dollars” shortly before his death. Before long, Batman and Robin are on a scavenger hunt as they realize that each item on their auction list is a detailed riddle clue leading to another item. Along the convoluted way, a bunch of hired criminals attempt to follow the trail of the clues as well, only to get busted by Batman. Eventually, after a lengthy hunt, Batman comes face-to-face with the man that hired the thugs: Hillery—who was after the million bucks. Batman easily busts the baddie.

When a baby gets dropped on the steps of the Gotham Orphanage with a strange note, Kathy Kane, as a director of the orphanage, asks Batman if Bruce can take care of it. (Kathy knows that Bruce is friends with Batman and has helped Batman with cases in the past.) Bruce and Alfred take care of the baby overnight while Batwoman subs for Batman and goes on patrol with Robin. The next day, Batman discovers that the baby is from the European Kingdom of Morania. While Alfred cares for the baby, Batman and Robin visit the Moranian embassy only to be attacked in the lobby by some thugs, who kidnap the Moranian ambassador. Batman deduces that the ambassador’s secretary, Mr. Lekkey, must have been in cahoots with the kidnappers. He and Robin trail the secretary to a seedy hotel where they learn that he is working for notorious foreign agent Brund Groft. After searching Groft’s room, Batman finds a clue that leads him to a laundry factory and a fight with Groft, who goes down hard. Batman then hauls ass across town just in time to stop Lekkey from assassinating the Prince and Princess of Morania. The royals had learned of a plot by their cousin to usurp the throne of their country, but in order to do so, he had to kill the royal family, including their newborn baby. Thus, the fam had fled to Gotham and dumped their baby in Kathy’s care.

–REFERENCE: In Batman #133 Part 2. Batman and Robin apprehend notorious counterfeiter Passer Gillette. They put his belt-buckle gun into the Hall of Trophies.

–FLASHBACK: From Batman #130 Part 1. Batman and Robin arrest a thief and recover the priceless Kurabi Ruby.

–FLASHBACK: From Batman #130 Part 1. Batman and Robin bust Machine-Gun Mike Danton and his mob, who have been threatening the Independent Dairymen Union.

–FLASHBACK: From Justice League of America #9, Justice League of America #97, Justice League of America #144, and Justice League of America #200. September. We know the September date because JLofA #144 tells us that Green Lantern debuts a few weeks before the JLA does, in retcon time-slid September 1969. Onto a synopsis. Several Appellaxians (aliens from the planet Appellax) are vying to become the new emperor of their planet. In order to win this coveted prize, they must battle each other on Earth. The Appellaxians arrive via meteor rockets and begin their war strategies. The first Appellaxian (Stone-God), a stone giant, begins turning humans outside of Middleton, CO into his stone army until Martian Manhunter defeats him. Upon nearing the final unopened meteor in North Carolina, however, Martian Manhunter is turned into a tree. The second Appellaxian (Glass-Man), a man made of glass, is defeated by Aquaman in the Indian Ocean, who also gets the tree treatment when he nears the Carolina meteor. The third Appellaxian creature (Mercury Monster), a blob made of mercury, strikes on the Amazon home of Paradise Island. There, Wonder Woman saves her sisters and her mother Hippolyta and defeats the blob. Likewise, however, Wonder Woman winds up frozen in tree form with the others. Next, Green Lantern Hal Jordan, who has only been a superhero and a member of the intergalactic peace-keeping force known as the Green Lantern Corps for a few weeks at this point, defeats a phoenix-like Appellaxian (Golden Roc) in Africa, but winds up tree-frozen as well. In Italy, Flash defeats a fire Appellaxian (Fire-Lord) only to get tree-frozen in North Carolina too. When an Appellaxian made of wood (Wood-King) emerges from the Carolina meteor, our heroes free themselves and defeat it. In Greenland, the heroes join with Batman and Superman, who have broken off from an unspecified joint case and are now in the midst of a battle against the final Appellaxian (Crystal Creature), who is made up of several types of diamonds, crystals, minerals, and rocks, including Kryptonite. The Crystal Creature is defeated, ending the Appellaxian threat. Afterward, remembering their pact from seven months ago, the seven heroes decide to become the Justice League of America. (Note that flashbacks from Justice League of America #179 and Justice League of America #239—generic pin-up style images of the JLA right around the time of their debut—are sort of throwaway panels, but I am mentioning them here for the sake of completeness.)

–FLASHBACK: From Justice League of America #200—and referenced in Justice League of America #9, and Justice League of America #65. The Justice League take six of the seven meteors that carried the Appellaxians to Earth. Each Justice Leaguer buries a meteor in a different location on Earth. The team keeps one meteor and the remains of the Appellaxian Wood-King and Crystal Creature, both of whom have gone into completely-inert nearly-dead states. Presumably, Superman will hold onto the last meteor and these bodily remains until later this year when the JLA officially starts its trophy collection.

–REFERENCE: In The Brave and The Bold #173. Batman learns all about the intergalactic police force known as the Green Lantern Corp, including learning about their overseers known as The Guardians of the Universe, alien beings from the planet Maltus, who run things from the GLC HQ on planet Oa. The planet Oa is located in the exact center of the universe.

–REFERENCE: In World’s Finest Comics #175. Barney the Blast attempts to adhere a bomb to the Batmobile, but it detonates early, costing him his hand.

–REFERENCE: In Batman #234 Part 1, Batman #329 Part 1, DC Super-Stars #14 Part 2, World’s Finest Comics #173, Batman with Robin the Boy Wonder News Strip 6/4/1971, and The Brave and The Bold #106—originally told in Batman #81 Part 1. Harvey Dent tries to stop some criminals but gets caught in an explosion in the process, giving him facial scarring exactly similar to what he had when he was Two-Face. Believing that his fate is sealed, Dent returns to a life of crime using the moniker of Two-Face. Batman and Robin put him back into jail. Afterward, Batman puts Two-Face’s signature double-sided suit and lucky coin into the Batcave’s Hall of Trophies. Gilda divorces poor Harvey.

–REFERENCE: In Batman #129 Part 2. Batman and Robin question Limey Lou, who they suspect is a fence for stolen goods, but they cannot prove it, so Lou walks.

–REFERENCE: In Action Comics #270 Part 2. Batman and Robin collect a cannon and a large picture of Joker’s face as trophies after an unspecified confrontation with Joker, who has escaped from jail. The Dynamic Duo puts Joker back behind bars.

–REFERENCE: In Detective Comics #279. Batman and Robin defeat the Welden Gang and recover money that they stole from Storyville, a nursery rhyme theme park. The owners of Storyville are so grateful that they give Batman and Robin a giant engraved commemorative plaque and an oversize Humpty Dumpty statue, which the Dynamic Duo put into the Hall of Trophies.

–REFERENCE: In World’s Finest Comics #149—originally told in Batman #109 Part 3. Batman invents a flying surveillance drone called the “Flying Eye.” He will use it sporadically, but these instances won’t specifically appear on the Silver Age timeline.

–REFERENCE: In Detective Comics #373 Part 1—originally told in Batman #121 Part 3. Batman and Robin defeat Dr. Victor Fries, a freeze gun-wielding super-villain calling himself Mr. Zero. Mr. Zero can only survive in freezing temperatures or with the assistance of his special helmeted costume. Batman and Robin defeat Mr. Zero, who gets an intense steam bath that cures him of his icy affliction. When we next see Fries in a few years, he will return to crime under the moniker “Mr. Freeze.”

–REFERENCE: In Adventure Comics #275 and World’s Finest Comics #271. Batman and Superman prevent some crooks from escaping the scene of the crime in two separate helicopters. This event, which happens right here and now, was shown both as a prolepsis in the view-screen of Superboy’s Time Telescope way back in 1962 (in Adventure Comics #275). This event is also referenced by Superman (in WFC #271).

–REFERENCE: In Detective Comics #280. Bruce begins the practice of teaching Dick one special lesson a day pertaining to crime-fighting and crime-detection.

–REFERENCE: In Superboy #182. Superman and Batman capture some smugglers atop a windmill. (This item is shown as a prolepsis on the view-screen of Superboy’s Time Telescope.)

–FLASHBACK: From Batman #133 Part 2. Joker escapes from prison to haunt Batman and Robin again. But the joke is on him as the Dynamic Duo puts him right back. Afterward, Batman and Robin keep a giant jack-in-the-box as a prize for the Hall of Trophies.

–FLASHBACK: From Batman #133 Part 2. Batman and Robin defeat the medieval-themed super-villain known as The Robber Baron by disarming him with the Magnetic Batarang.

–REFERENCE: In World’s Finest Comics #115. Superman explains the effects of different colored Kryptonite to Batman and Robin. Everyone already knows that Green Kryptonite causes weakness and possible death to Superman, but the Dynamic Duo now learns the following. Red Kryptonite causes very weird random effects ranging from telepathy to hallucination to temporary disfigurement to split personality disorder to undoing the effects of Green K and more. White Kryptonite causes plant life to die. (Red and White Kryptonite were created when a Green Kryptonite meteor chunk passed through a radioactive space cloud on its way through the galaxy.) X-Kryptonite is a hybrid of synthetic materials and Green Kryptonite created by Supergirl that has a very similar effect as the regular stuff. Blue Kryptonite is a synthetic version of Kryptonite invented by Superman to use against villains from the Bizarro World. (There are other types of Kryptonite that exist, but which have yet to be discovered by Superman at this point on our timeline.)

–REFERENCE: In Superman #142. Superman gives Batman and Robin the secret combination to the locks on an alternate entrance to the Fortress of Solitude, allowing them access whenever they want. Certain sections of the Fortress of Solitude, however, remain off-limits to the Dynamic Duo.

–REFERENCE: In Justice League of America #3. Batman goes on an unspecified case and nets some scimitars, some round shields, and some spears as souvenirs for the Hall of Trophies.

–REFERENCE: In Untold Legend of the Batman #1 and Batman #139 Part 1. Signalman (Phil Cobb) debuts and is jailed by Batman. Signalman immediately escapes from jail and will be a constant thorn in Batman’s side for the next several months, on-and-off, going in-and-out of jail. These appearances are referenced in Batman #139, but are not specifically detailed. Therefore, we must merely imagine Signalman as appearing throughout our timeline moving forward (for the next several months).

–REFERENCE: In Justice League of America #4. The Thanagarian winged-space cop Hawkman (Katar Hol) debuts in Midway City. Batman reads about the rookie and will take special interest in him, following his career closely and with admiration for the next few months.

–FLASHBACK: From Untold Legend of the Batman #2. Bruce and Dick attend a fancy black-and-white high society party. There, Dick is embarrassed and annoyed as Bruce’s vapid party girl friends pinch his cheeks and baby him for being so “cute.”

–REFERENCE: In Batman #140 Part 3. Batman meets with Commissioner Gordon, who tells him that when he eventually retires he plans to write a book about the GCPD entitled “Gotham City Guardians.”

–REFERENCE: In Detective Comics #359, Detective Comics #566, and The Untold Legend of the Batman #1—originally told in Batman #63 Part 3. Wealthy socialite and acquaintance of Bruce’s, Cameron Van Cleer, decides to become the complete anti-Batman, the super-villain known as Killer Moth! With a Mothcave hidden beneath his palatial estate, a Mothmobile, a garish winged costume, utility belt, hired thugs, infra-red Moth Signals, and a bunch of guns, Killer Moth tries to end Batman and Robin’s careers forever. The Dynamic Duo defeats the debuting Killer Moth.

–REFERENCE: In Detective Comics #294. Batman and Robin meet and befriend Professor Higgins and his lab assistant John Dolan.

–REFERENCE: In Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane #29. Superman informs the JLA of a set of emergency protocols should he ever become incapacitated by Kryptonite. The plans each involve the intervention of three of his closest pals. And all three are to be kicked-off by Krypto sending an alert. “Plan L” involves Lois Lane delivering some Red Kryptonite crystals that are capable of undoing the effects of Green Kryptonite to the JLA. “Plan J” involves Jimmy Olsen. “Plan P” involves Perry White. I’m not sure we are ever specifically told what the latter two plans are all about.

–REFERENCE: In World’s Finest Comics #122—originally told in World’s Finest Comics #14 and originally referenced in Batman #72. Batman and Robin defeat Jib Buckler and collect a underwater naval mine dud as a trophy for the Hall of Trophies.

–REFERENCE: In World’s Finest Comics #122. Batman goes on an unspecified mission and nets an ornate vase as a trophy for the Batcave.

–REFERENCE: In Batman #148 Part 3. Batman goes on an unspecified mission and gets African tribal shields and an African demon mask with horns for the Batcave Trophy Room.

–REFERENCE: In Detective Comics #457. November 26. Batman, as he does every year on the anniversary of his parents’ deaths, visits Dr. Leslie Thompkins on Crime Alley.

–REFERENCE: In World’s Finest Comics #128. Just as he did in the Golden Age, penciller Jim Mooney randomly draws a giant mushroom and red mini-submarine in the Batcave Trophy Room. Batman goes on an unspecified mission and nets these bizarre items. Add to these prizes a large feather too.

–REFERENCE: In Detective Comics #309. Vicki Vale says goodbye to Batman and departs on a long-term European assignment for View Magazine.

–REFERENCE: In Brave and the Bold #70. Batman breaks up the organized mob lead by boss Nick Cathcart. The Dark Knight takes down Cathcart’s men, including veteran crooks Ike the Iceman and Willie the Finger. Ike and Willy publicly retire from thievery following this bust. Batman then deals with the nautical-themed crimes of Cathcart’s men, Sailor Sykes and The Admiral, busting them as well. Eventually, Cathcart himself gets busted as well.

–REFERENCE: In The Brave and The Bold #28 and Justice League of America #187. The Justice League of America builds its Secret Sanctuary HQ in Happy Harbor, Rhode Island. Each member is given a communicator with which to contact each other in case of emergency.

–REFERENCE: In Justice League of America #4, Justice League of America #6, Justice League of America #88-89, Justice League of America #145, Justice League of America #192, and Justice League of America #206. The JLA is officially sanctioned by the United Nations. As such, the team comes up with a United Nations-approved constitution and bylaws, including a rule that new members may be added to the team, but only by majority vote and only one at a time. Furthermore, no power-sets can be duplicated (meaning only one Bat, only one Super, only one Wonder, only one Hawk, etc). According to Justice League of America #6, another bylaw is that the team must meet at least once a month. In the event that there is not a case after thirty days, the team must meet anyway. Furthermore, at each meeting, the team must sort through fan mail and help letters (which are to be collected at a PO box). Note that some of these unspecified meetings will occur invisibly on our timeline from this point forward. Justice League of America #88-89 introduces the idea of the team chairperson, which we can assume is a part of the original bylaws and constitution. The JLA will operate with a chairperson, who leads meetings and makes primary decisions. Likewise, a rotating secretary will record notes for each meeting. Both the chairperson and secretary are elected by secret team ballot. It is unknown what term lengths for chairperson and secretary are in the early days of the League, but, by 1982, the team will be going with yearlong terms.

–REFERENCE: In Wonder Woman #214-216. The Justice League opens up a team expense account and distributes ATM cards, and gas credit cards to each member of the team. These accounts will be accessible to any JLA member, and any amount can be drawn from them at any time—within reason, of course. Just don’t forget to keep your receipts! It’s highly likely that Bruce funds the JLA expense accounts. If you are wondering if there’s health insurance with this JLA benefits package, no such luck.

–REFERENCE: In Justice League of America #9 and Justice League of America #200. The JLA starts a Hall of Trophies in its Secret Sanctuary, putting the Appellaxian meteor and the remains of Wood-King and Crystal Creature into display cases as the first three official trophies.

–REFERENCE: In Justice League of America #75Justice League of America #97, and Justice League of America #143. The JLA begins audio recording detailed notes about its adventures in its official case-files. They also begin keeping a group journal, both written and video-recorded, detailing all their cases. Everything will be meticulously archived (typed into myriad journals) and stored in the Sanctuary library.

–REFERENCE: In The Brave and The Bold #85 and Justice League of America #169. Each JLAer is given a location transmitter that, when switched-on, will send a GPS signal to the rest of the team. Every JLA member will be given one, moving forward. The JLA also programs a status board tracking system into its computer network. Via their location transmitters, each member of the team can check-in and log exactly where they are and what they are up to.

–REFERENCE: In Batman #309. December 24. As he now does every holiday season, Batman gives pipe tobacco as an X-Mas gift to Commissioner Gordon.

–REFERENCE: In Justice League of America #152Justice League of America #197, and Justice League of America #200. The JLA becomes officially-sanctioned by most nations across the globe. The team sets up the ability for most of these nations to directly contact them at their HQ. Likewise, the team sets up alert codes of various levels. “Triple Priority-A” and/or “Triple Code One” are both top tier alerts, for example. There are also “Double” and “Single” alerts, and presumably alerts associated with B, C, D, two, three, four, and so on on so forth as well.

–REFERENCE: In The Brave and The Bold #100. Batman and Robin begin wearing special emergency signal wristwatches. They’ll alert each other with these watches on random sporadic cases, moving forward.

–FLASHBACK: From World’s Finest Comics #155. An evil scientist uses a growth serum on Robin, turning him into a giant. Batman and Superman defeat the villain and restore Robin back to normal. Superman keeps the villain’s vial and labels this case #542.


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  1. [1]COLLIN COLSHER: As revealed in JLA #71, at this point on our timeline, a secret Martian Civil War has been going on for quite some time. In 1965, J’onn was defeated by his rival, Commander Benn Blanx, who banished him to exile. Honoring Martian law and tradition, J’onn’s exile not only meant he couldn’t live in any civilized areas of Mars, but he also couldn’t even seek out or have knowledge of anything related to Martian civilization, including news about the war. Shortly after being cast out of Martian society (in 1965), J’onn was transported to Earth. (JLA #71 originally had J’onn’s exile sentence at thirteen years, starting in 1955, but that was before Sliding-Time retcons, which altered J’onn’s sentence to nine years in length and moved his first appearance on Earth to 1965. In either case, whether nine or thirteen years long, my feeling is that the only way J’onn would have abided by these restrictions—including not being able to ask others to intervene on his behalf—for such a long time is if the White Martians had placed some sort of magickal hex upon him, preventing him from breaking the terms of his exile.) Because of his exile, the appearance of the evil White Martians on Earth would be a tough/sobering moment for J’onn—a painful realization that the Martian Civil War is not only still happening, but also that the powerful opposition forces are still active and there ain’t a damn thing he can do about it. A truly tragic scenario.
  2. [2]COLLIN COLSHER: As seen in Detective Comics #281 and Batman #138 Part 1, the Robot Batman is likely built with some sort of mystic/alien attachment due to the fact that it is sentient and, later, will form a telepathic link with the Dark Knight. (Maybe Superman helps him build it?—the Man of Steel already has several Superman Robots of Kryptonian design.) While the Robot Batman has android sentience it generally must follow Batman’s orders, having a “prime directive” to protect Batman at all costs.
  3. [3]COLLIN COLSHER: The 5th Dimension, also known as Zrfff, is a magickal realm that is home to powerful djinns, elementals, and imps. Notable residents are Bat-Mite, Mr. Mxyzptlk, and Yz. According to Superstring Theory, the 5th Dimension—being the next dimensional layer beyond the 4th Dimension of time—is basically an expression for derived physical quantity in terms of alternate reality. It is, in essence, a fundamental underlying concept of Multiverse Theory. Superstring Theory, Multiverse Theory, and M Theory state that the macroscopic world has three spatial dimensions, a 4th Dimension of time, and six other imperceptible (possibly microscopic) quantum dimensions, plus an 11th Dimension at the definitively microscopic scale. (There are likely even more unknown dimensions.) The fictive world of the DCU plays with Superstring theory, treating the insensible quantum dimensions (those beyond time) as the most out-there magickal sci-fi alternate realities possible.

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