WTF Continuity: “Red Hood & The Outlaws #17”

Speaking of DC’s “WTF”s… do we have a huge gaping CONTINUITY ERROR in Red Hood & The Outlaws #17? As wessaari says on Comic Vine, “Bringing up Wingman in Batman Inc just made my head spin due to its issues with continuity.” In Red Hood & The Outlaws #17, which is the epilogue/aftermath to “The Death of the Family,” occurring pretty much immediately after Batman #17, Jason chats with Damian and recalls their time “being themselves” as Wingman and Damian.

It’s a strange reference to begin with, but here’s the kicker:  If Damian dies (as DC is telling the world) in Batman Inc #8, that means that Batman Inc #8 (and any prior Wingman/Redbird action) must occur after “The Death of the Family” and this Red Hood epilogue since we see him alive and well.  And yet Lobdell writes this issue as if it’s the other way around.  The editor’s note attached shills them playing these roles in Batman Incorporated #4. Note that this doesn’t necessarily reference Jason’s recollection as being a reference to that specific issue, it merely tells us we can see them in action in those roles in that issue.  So, maybe they acted as Redbird and Wingman prior to Batman Inc #4 (as I surmise on my chronology as a possible fix)?    That reconciliation is already a stretch, but that’s not the only problem!  In this issue, Jason also gets his face horribly burned, yet in Batman Inc his face is fine.

This seems like a case of Lobdell being kept totally out of the loop, but still making improper references to other Bat books.  But we’ll see come Wednesday…


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  1. Darkmaster006 says:

    Actually they couldn’t have worked before as Wingman and Red Bird ’cause when Red Bird meets Wingman he says confused: “Who are you?” and unless they were joking or something it’s impossible haha. I dunno how to solve the burnt face though.

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