Judo Chop! Part Two

It’s time for Judo Chop! Part Two. All mentions of JUDO from 1969 through early 1970. They LOVE mentioning JUDO. Batman even does Judo to a horse.

Detective Comics #384

judo chop watch part two!

JLA #71

jla 71

JLA #73

jla 73

JLA #74

jla 74 judo

JLA #75

jla 75

JLA #78

jla 78

Detective Comics #384

tec 384 judo

Detective Comics #397

tec 397 judo

Detective Comics #399

tec 399 part one

Detective Comics #399

Detective Comics #399 part 2 judo

Detective Comics #399

Detective Comics #399 part 3 judo

World’s Finest Comics #186

wfc 186 (1) judo on a horse!

World’s Finest Comics #186

wfc 186 (2)

World’s Finest Comics #187

wfc 187 batman judo

And of course, the ads of the era were all about kung fu fighting and muscle building as well…

Action Comics #375

kung fu fighting ads

The Brave and The Bold #83

ad - bnb 83 muscles

Detective Comics #385

ad - tec 385

Detective Comics #388

ad - tec 388

World’s Finest Comics #189

ad - wfc 189





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