I’m always looking for intelligent folks that have something to say about the world of comic books (or movies or TV or literature or culture or music, etc…). I’d love to hear from you and, if the stars align, I’d love to host YOUR material here on disCONTINUITY. If you are interested in writing a commentary, review, article, or pretty much anything at at all, please e-mail me an introduction and a pitch to


Collin Colsher
Creator of The Batman Chronology Project & disCONTINUITY

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  1. Levon says:

    I actually made a new 52 chronology guide for batman at comicvine.
    The link:

    In it I explained which bundles actually take place in the 5 years before Justice League Origins happened and the things that happened afterwards. I have not read all comics (Detective Comics was just bad for instance) but most important books are listed. The choices about the dates in this guide are explained as well. The idea was to find a way to add the important stuff into the 5 years Bruce was batman before Darkseid invaded. Therefore some comics I have not added because they would not make sense with the new continuity (Batman War Games for instance, though this one was kinda redone with Batman Eternal)

    I know, shameless plug

    • Hi Levon, don’t mind plugs! Shameless ones are my fave! And I’m always a fan of anyone building timelines. I’m all caught up with the New 52 on my site—with literally every single Batman appearance since 2011 on my timeline. Check it out if you haven’t already. I’m sure our timelines will align in all the important places. And for all the bad stuff that you refused to read (I don’t blame ya), I’ve done it for you! 😉

      Take care and best wishes.

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