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Paramvir Singh Randhawa has been an avid fan of and contributor to The Real Batman Chronology Project since the beginning of the New 52. He is currently managing the YouTube channel CutlockCrew and developing the video game "Mesozoica."

Batman & Robin Eternal: Series Review

Better late than never, disCONTINUITY brings to you a series review of Batman & Robin Eternal, the sequel to last year’s mess, Batman Eternal. With expectations low, Batman & Robin Eternal surely had to have been better, right? Let’s dive … Continue reading

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Futures Ending

Welcome to another two-person round-table discussion/review of the DC weekly series The New 52: Futures End, in which a definitive future for the New 52 was shown, erased, rebooted, and then shown to be quite similar to what it previously … Continue reading

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Batman Eternal: Final Thoughts

Review time. Collin Colsher and Paramvir Singh Randhawa discuss the yearlong Batman Eternal weekly series now that its fifty-second and final issue has been published. COLLIN: It’s no secret, if you’ve been following my website, that I have had very … Continue reading

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