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Collin Colsher, the creator of The Real Batman Chronology Project and disCONTINUITY, is a writer, filmmaker, teacher, and comic book historian that currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. He has lectured at various universities, libraries, and book fairs. Collin has also served on the jury for the Lynd Ward Graphic Novel Prize, which is sponsored by the US Library of Congress.

Stuff I Read, Stuff I Liked in 2020

It’s the end of the calendar year. You know what that means. (RIP Brodie Lee!) It’s time for what was once my “Comics Best of, complete with pictures and write-ups,” which became my “Comics Favorites, sans write-ups,” which morphed into … Continue reading

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Future State: Recycled 5G

Once upon a time, Dan DiDio had big plans for DC Comics—a reboot to fix all reboots, called “Generations” or “5G.” This full line-wide restart was to supposedly have created an epic 100-year long timeline upon which superheroes debuted in … Continue reading

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Ableist Language in Superhero Comics

How do we define the “superhero genre”? Aside from sci-fi and visual tropes, at its core, superhero fiction comprises moralistic tales that pit good versus evil, right against wrong. Superheroes are meant to represent the best of humanity, those fighting … Continue reading

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Help Wanted! The Golden Age Salad Days

Calling all divers hands! I’ve been filling in gaps in my timelines. Notably, I just added a Salad Days section for the New 52 (which required me to do a full re-read of the entire New 52, which I don’t … Continue reading

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RIP Denny O’Neil

For my money, and many will agree, Denny O’Neil was the best Batman writer of all time. He was certainly one of my personal favorites. O’Neil, unlike so many of his peers (and unlike so many current writers), understood what … Continue reading

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Lists: My Favorite Comics of 2019 & Books I Read That Were Not Comics in 2019

I’m ridiculously late because I originally wasn’t going to do a Best Of list this year… but who am I kidding. Here are ten comics I quite enjoyed in 2019 (in alphabetical order by title). Geoff Johns & Gary Frank’s … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Reboots

The rumor mill (and all recent in-story signs and signifiers) hint at something odd happening with DC’s main line in the near future—specifically, the cancellation of a reboot so that another reboot can stand in its place. Geoff Johns’ Doomsday … Continue reading

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The Influence of Quantum Mechanics and Borges’ Metaphysics on Superhero Comics

The origins of the Silver Age of comics date back to the 1950s and early 1960s. Fans often misattribute an augmented narrative use of aliens, monsters, spaceships, computers, robots, and nuclear mutants with the start of the Silver Age. While … Continue reading

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Judo Chop! Part Ten

Goodbye 70s, hello 80s! Goofy martial arts panels (and even goofier martial arts/bodybuilding ads) are still a thing in DC Comics, even in 1981.

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Dick Grayson as Batman: A Retrospective (Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2 of “Dick Grayson as Batman: A Retrospective”—a detailed look at Dick Grayson’s time spent wearing the cape and cowl of the Batman. In Part 1 we looked at mid-1990s arc “Prodigal” (by Chuck Dixon, Alan Grant, Doug Moench, Bret … Continue reading

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