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DC’s Real Problem: Nonexistent PR Combined With Didio’s Lack of Tact

The recent JH Williams-leaving-Batwoman debacle is upsetting. It’s upsetting because it’s yet another high profile creator quitting a DC title (cue asshole Brian Michael Bendis cackling like the Wicked Witch of the West) and it’s another hiccup in the development … Continue reading

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Not to Mention… More New 52 Origin Laziness

How come Poison Ivy’s new debut is noticeably exactly the same as Mr. Freeze’s new debut? Hey, wait a minute. This reminds me of something else… Both Ivy’s and Freeze’s origins in the New 52 are the same as Riddler’s … Continue reading

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Noticing a Trend—Point One

Noticing a trend? And each of these origins were revealed in today’s “point one” releases! All the Bat-villains have fucked up childhoods with abusive or horribly murdered parents. Not to mention, we’ve already seen Penguin’s, Emperor Penguin’s, Scarecrow’s, Mad Hatter’s AND Mr. Freeze’s … Continue reading

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