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Disparaging Remarks: In Defense of the New 52

I recently responded in the comments section of my previous post: “[Comic book]¬†criticism is obviously subjective and necessary and there are many instances of what can only be classified as ‘bad’ or ‘subpar’ comic book writing. Via a constructive (or … Continue reading

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Monthly Musings

I just read the latest issues of FF, Avengers (Volume 5), and Young Avengers (Volume 2) and they are some of the best single issues I’ve read in a while. Why are these books so great? Well, for one thing, … Continue reading

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Oroboros: The End is the Beginning is the End

Lately, a few folks have e-mailed me with thoughts regarding Grant Morrison’s Batman Inc Vol. 2, and how it might function as both a major arc in the New 52 and the actual final tale of the Modern Age. Most … Continue reading

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