A List: Batman’s Sex Life

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Batman Chronicles #9 by Devin Grayson, Duncan Fegredo, & Lee Loughridge (1997)

When you think of James Bond, you think of the Bond Girls—but Batman has his “Batman Girls” that too often get overlooked. Here they are—in the form of a chronological “quick list” of Modern Age Batman/Bruce Wayne’s sex life. Much of Bruce’s social life is merely subterfuge designed to keep up playboy appearances (as a means of distancing Bruce Wayne from his Batman alter ego. However Bruce/Batman does fall in love and does have some serious relationships as well. Let me know if anything is missing.

-Viveca Beausoleil (The Batman Chronicles #19)
-Julie Madison (Batman and the Monster Men, Batman and the Mad Monk, Batman #682, The Batman Files)
-Theodora Hackley (Bruce goes on one date with her.) (LOTDK #2)
-the shaman’s granddaughter (This is platonic.) (LOTDK #1, LOTDK #5)
-Selina Kyle (Batman and Catwoman have sexual tension in multiple issues.)

-Linda Page (The Batman Files)
-few dates with Selina Kyle (Long Halloween, The Batman Files)
-Summer Skye Simmonds (Journey into Knight)
-Jillian Maxwell (The Batman Files, LOTDK Halloween Special #1)
-Pamela Isley? (This is sort-of platonic.) (Hot House LOTDK #42-#43)
-unnamed date (opening of LOTDK #76)
-Mary McClellan? (Bruce marries her in an alternate reality where his parents survive) (LOTDK #76-#78)
-Dr. Lynn Eagles (LOTDK #65)
-Vicki Vale

-Dr. Lynn Eagles (This lengthy relationship carries over into the new year.) (LOTDK #66-#68)
-Dinah Laurel Lance? (This is unsubstantiated but hinted at.) (The Batman Files)
-unnamed date (Batman: Ego)
-Selina Kyle (Bruce dates Selina for the whole rest of the year, is supposedly very serious about the relationship—though, in Batman #600, he rejects her advances to focus on his crimefighting, so perhaps he was partly seeing her to keep up playboy appearances? Selina mentions wanting to marry Bruce, so it seems she was quite serious.) (Long Halloween)

-Selina Kyle (Bruce is all business this year, besides the ongoing Selina relationship.)

-Selina Kyle (Bruce keeps dating Selina on-and-off; he must really like her!) (Long Halloween, Dark Victory)
-Rachel Caspian (“Batman Year Two”)

-Selina Kyle (Bruce and Selina break up early in the year.) (Batman: Dark Victory #5)
-Callie Dean (This is platonic.) (Batman Confidential #40-#43)
-unnamed date that goes with Bruce and Alfred to Haly’s Circus (Batman #436)
-supermodel Britanny St. James (Robin Annual #4)
-Catwoman (Selina and Bruce may have broken up, but Batman and Catwoman still have a ton of sexual tension whenever they meet each other.) (Batman #683, Batman Incorporated #1, The Batman Files)
-April Clarkson (Gotham after Midnight)

-Kelli (JLA 80-Page Giant #2)
-Catwoman (Bruce still does everything shy of having sex on rooftops with Catwoman. And for all we know, they do that.) (The Batman Chronicles #9)
-Batwoman aka Kathy Webb Kane (Batman Incorporated #4, Batman #682, The Batman Files)

-Batwoman aka Kathy Webb Kane (This relationship carries over from the prior year. Batman and Batwoman get engaged, but Batwoman breaks up Batman early in the year.) (Batman Inc. #4)
-unnamed girl (Bruce breaks her heart.) (Batman: Ego)
-Catwoman (Batman still flirts with Catwoman when they cross paths.) (Catwoman: Defiant)

-Silver St. Cloud (Detective Comics #469-#479, LOTDK #132-#136)
-Talia al Ghul (“Saga of Ra’s al Ghul,” Batman #330-#331)

-Talia al Ghul (Batman is “wedded to” Talia and they conceive a child.) (Batman: Son of the Demon)
-Natasha Knight (The Batman Files)

-Catwoman (Detective Comics #569-#570)
-Vicki Vale (Bruce goes on a date with Vicki Vale. We can assume she’s on a sort of friends with benefits situation with him.) (Batman #402-#403)

-Sharon Scott (Bruce goes on one date with Sharon, a recurring character in Blue Devil) (Invasion tie-in)
-Cristina Llanos (Bruce has a very short fling with Cristina.) (Batman in Barcelona)
-Beatriz da Costa aka Fire/Green Flame (Bruce and Beatriz were constantly flirting in JLI and on top of that they spent two days trapped in a hotel room, so it’s obvious they boned.) (JLI)
Note that this is probably the worst year of Modern Age Batman’s life. The Killing Joke and “Death in the Family” both happen. As far as I can tell, Bruce dates very little this year. Most Modern Age Batman stories don’t explore Bruce Wayne’s love life with much detail, so it’s possible he had some off-panel flings, but definitely nothing serious. I’d apply this same note to pretty much every other year, actually. After all, Bruce has to keep that playboy persona rolling. With Batman’s early years prior to Robin, I assume DC higher-ups felt inclined to introduce romantic subplots because the comics just featured Batman, Alfred, and a couple rogues. By the time Batman deals with a ridiculously large rogues gallery, has a bunch of superhero allies, and has an extensive Bat-Family, there is much less time to focus on romantic entanglements. This however, doesn’t mean Bruce doesn’t date/sleep around—but, as mentioned, we rarely see these dates. If we do see them, the women are usually unnamed and we aren’t given any details about them.

-Lois Lane? (It’s implied in “Hush”—specifically Batman #611—that Bruce has a relationship with Lois at some point. This could go pretty much anywhere. Placement is speculative, but after “Dark Knight Over Metropolis.”)
-Vicki Vale (Bruce starts to date Vicki in a more serious manner.) (Gotham Gazette Batman Alive? #1, Batman #475, Detective Comics #642, Batman #746)

-Dr. Shondra Kinsolving (“Knightfall”)

-Vesper Fairchild (Batman #540-#541, The Spectre Vol. 3 #51, Batman #544-#546, Batman #600)
-Yuko Yagi (Batman: Chilld of Dreams)
-Judge Anderson from Judge Dredd (It’s heavily implied Bruce and Anderson got it on.) (“Die Laughing” crossover)

-Talia al Ghul (Bruce spends a sad night with Talia, who takes care of him.) (No Man’s Land #0)
-Vesper Fairchild (It is implied in multiple issues that Bruce is that he’s still dating Vesper this year.)
-multiple random dates (It is implied that Bruce dates around to keep up appearances for his playboy lifestyle.) (JLA #47-#54)
Note that this is a super intense year for Batman, with “No Man’s Land” and “Tower of Babel.”

-Sasha Bordeaux (Bruce develops a platonic liking to his bodyguard, Sasha. She’s also deeply in love with him. Bruce won’t reveal his positive feelings to her until the end of “Bruce Wayne: Murderer?”.) (Detective Comics #775)
-Vesper Fairchild (Yes, Bruce is still dating Vesper, until he breaks up with her in the coldest possible way—by inviting her over while hanging out with a bunch of girls with whom he’s playing Marco Polo in the pool. This is also another hint that, while we may not see it, Bruce is very much keeping his playboy persona alive with more casual side relationships.) (Detective Comics #764)

-Sasha Bordeaux (This is still platonic, although Bruce and Sasha share an intense discussion about their relationship.) (“Bruce Wayne: Murderer?”)
Note that we don’t Bruce dating anyone this year. This is another intense year with “Bruce Wayne: Murderer?”, so Bruce has got a lot on his plate.

-Wonder Woman (“The Obsidian Age”) (JLA #90-100)
-Catwoman (Bruce enters a serious relationship with Catwoman again. Although their relationship is intense they break up. They still date and have sex occasionally after the break up.) (“Hush”, Catwoman Vol. 3 #32)

-Black Canary (Batman kisses Black Canary.) (Birds of Prey #90)
-Dr. Amina Franklin (“Grotesk”)
-Sasha Bordeaux (Bruce finally kisses Sasha Bordeaux.) (The OMAC Project #1-#3)
-Catwoman (Bruce still occasionally has sex with Catwoman.) (Catwoman Vol. 3 #39)

-Karrie Bishop (Bruce dates Karrie.) (Detective Comics #822)
-Lilith Rutledge (LOTDK #207-#211 aka “Darker than Death”)
-Zatanna Zatara (Detective Comics #833-#834)
-Kay Scott (Detective Comics #835-#836)
-Bekka (Superman/Batman #37-#42)
-Jezebel Jet (Batman #655-#658)
-multiple unnamed dates (There are hints of Bruce still living that playboy lifestyle off-panel.) (Batman #655-#658)

-Jezebel Jet (Bruce’s relationship with Jezebel continues.) (“Batman RIP”)
-Una Nemo (Batman and Robin #18)
-Annie (A time-displaced Bruce technically dates her in the year 1640, but whatever.) (Return of Bruce Wayne #2)

-Marsha Lamarr (Again, a time-displaced Bruce technically dates her in 1971, but whatever.) (Return of Bruce Wayne #6)
-Selina Kyle (Bruce still has sexual and romantic encounters with Selina.) (“House of Hush”, Batman Inc, Batman 80 Page Giant 2011 #1)
-Dawn Golden (The Dark Knight #1-5)
-Talia al Ghul (Bruce, heartbroken by Talia’s evil ways, kisses her while Gotham burns.) (Batman Inc #11-#13)

Overall list of love interests/dates:  Viveca Beausoleil, Julie Madison, Theodora Hackley, the shaman’s granddaughter, Selina Kyle, Linda Page, Summer Skye Simmonds, Jillian Maxwell, Pamela Isley, Dr. Lynn Eagles, Dinah Laurel Lance, unnamed date from Ego, Lois Lane, Rachel Caspian, Callie Dean, Britanny St. James, April Clarkson, Kelli, Kathy Webb Kane, another unnamed girl from Ego, Silver St. Cloud, Talia al Ghul, Natasha Knight, Vicki Vale, Dr. Shondra Kinsolving, Vesper Fairchild, Yuko Yagi, Sasha Bordeaux, Wonder Woman, Dr. Amina Franklin, Karrie Bishop, Lilith Rutledge, Zatanna, Kay Scott, Bekka, Jezebel Jet, Una Nemo, Annie, Marsha Lamarr, Dawn Golden  

Most important love interests/dates: Catwoman (Selina Kyle), Talia al Ghul, Rachel Caspian, Batwoman (Kathy Webb Kane), Silver St. Cloud, Vicki Vale, Dr. Shondra Kinsolving, Sasha Bordeaux, Dawn Golden
Engaged to: Julie Madison, Rachel Caspian, Batwoman (Kathy Webb Kane), Talia al Ghul, Shondra Kinsolving (Bruce tried to propose to her but was unable to)

Married to: Talia al Ghul (this “wedding” was a League of Assassins thing, so likely not a legal marriage) 

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  3. Jack James says:

    Some modifications I’d make to this list is move Vicki Vale to Year Two in light of our recent modification, and add Beatriz da Costa (Fire/Green Flame) to Year 12 since they were /constantly/ flirting in JL International and on top of that they spent two entire days trapped in a hotel room so it’s quite obvious they boned.
    I’d also add Judge Anderson from Dredd to Year 15 since it’s also heavily implied they got it on in the “Die Laughing crossover”

  4. PurpleGlovez says:

    Wow, there are more women on this list than I realized. There’s also Lorna Shore, an early girlfriend of Bruce’s in Batman Confidential’s Lovers and Madmen arc (not included on some timelines but whatever). Also, did Bruce date Mallory Moxon in Brubaker’s run? Maybe they were just friends, I can’t remember.

  5. Jack James says:

    Awesome! Thank you so much for publishing it, Collin. It’s an honor to contribute something to your amazing website.

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