Nexus on the Longbox Project

For those of you that haven’t been to Max Delgado’s Longbox Project, you are missing out. Delgado has created a wonderful environment where comic book fans from all walks of life can reflect and remember some of their more personal connections to the medium. This online community is growing every day and as it does, a wealth of touching stories about comic book culture/history are being logged and archived. Yours truly had the honor of having an article added to the Longbox Project, entitled “A Nexus on the Spectrum of Love.” Check it out (link below) and leave some love! Oh, and submit a story/article of your own! The more the merrier.


About Collin Colsher

Collin Colsher, the creator of The Real Batman Chronology Project and disCONTINUITY, is a writer, filmmaker, teacher, and comic book historian that currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. He has lectured at various universities, libraries, and book fairs. Collin has also served on the jury for the Lynd Ward Graphic Novel Prize, which is sponsored by the US Library of Congress.
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One Response to Nexus on the Longbox Project

  1. Jamison says:

    Great article, Collin. I always love peaking behind the curtain on internet folk whose opinions I respect. I only exited the collector mentality a few months ago and have been going through the arduous task of selling the books that don’t have that passion you were talking about. I’m still in the process of selling, but I’ve gotten down my trade collection to two shelves, and I’m down to two long boxes of loose issues. The advantage to this is that any book I own that I end up sharing with friends and loved ones in the future will be a worth while (or even mind expanding) read, in my opinion. I’m really into the idea of quality over quantity now, and I take pride in looking at my small, but superior collection.

    I also wanted to direct your attention to this site, if you haven’t seen it already. It’s a company that you can send your loose issues to, and for a very reasonable price, will create custom hardcover collections for you. They’re professionally bound with custom spines and covers. It’s worth checking out.

    The Wonder Woman article is on the way. Hope all is well with you.

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